This Ok-Magnificence Frozen Cream From Vue De Pulang Is TikTok-Well-known

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The undeniably fun formula is a clear gel cream that the brand recommends to cool down to see how it transforms into a texture of shaved ice. Videos of the metamorphosis and its subsequent application have received over 707.8,000 views on TikTok, with developers amazed at how refreshing the crystallized texture feels. Most impressive, however, is that the moisturizer goes beyond the spectacle and actually delivers results.

One Amazon shopper said that within a week he saw Frozen Cream “work wonders” on a deep crease on her forehead. Another person with dry, mature skin says the moisturizer keeps their skin smooth and moist, and storage in the freezer reduces their puffiness under the eyes as soon as it goes on – much like the old trick of keeping a spoon or eye masks in the refrigerator, but without the extra step.

The fragrance-free formula supports these effects with an ingredient list that includes redness-reducing niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and the juices made from bamboo, birch and white cedar, which the brand claims to aid elasticity and healing. Despite the juice, buyers note that it’s not sticky in the slightest.

Savants among us will order this and save it for the summer’s humidity and sunburn, especially when the price is docked by 43 percent.

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