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Fortnite has jumped on the Sea Shanty TikTok madness with its own setting, an emote called Shanty for a squad.

Inspired by Wellerman, it includes Fortnite’s own lyrics singing about the billowing storm on the island, and a troop surviving to get their “dub”.

As with the game’s Christmas carol emote, the more of you in your roster using the emote at the same time, the more parts of the chant will fill in. This is a nice nod to TikTok collaborative and / or a clever plan that you should encourage all four squad members into making one purchase.

Shanty for a Squad launched in Fortnite’s item shop last night for the price of 500 V-Bucks, and I’ve had it on my mind ever since.

Tiktok Sea Shanty star Nathan Evans has advertised the publication of this new emote via his Twitter account, while Fortnite’s own account greeted him in return.

Evans’ original version of Wellerman blew up TikTok last month after numerous other users added their own vocal harmonies to the Teen Social app.

Evans himself has been catapulted to fame by a series of subsequent media appearances, and a successful remix of his tune has now topped the music charts around the world. He has UK appearances planned for later this year and a European tour planned for 2022.

There are less than two weeks left to the end of Fortnite’s crossover-filled Chapter 2 Season 5, though fans still expect Peter Griffin to show up at the last minute.

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