‘There are such a lot of advantages’

In a new beauty trend, TikToker’s frozen cucumbers rub their faces.

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Cucumbers have numerous skin benefits. They can reduce puffiness and acne, soothe irritation, moisturize, and provide antioxidants. Meanwhile, facial icing can reduce oiliness, puffiness, and wrinkles. As you can see, combining the two is not a bad idea. Wellness TikToker Alexa Rae Loebel is a huge supporter of this frozen cucumber hack with multiple videos on the subject.

“Not only does it feel great in the morning,” said Loebel, “but there are so many benefits to frozen cucumbers that generally freeze your face. Your make-up can be applied flawlessly and you have fresh, radiant skin. ”

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Loebel claimed it: “Reduces redness, helps with acne, scars, irritations, swellings”. [and] moisturizing. ”

All you have to do is rub the frozen cucumber on your face after cleansing, rinse gently, and complete your normal skin regimen. Loebel is just one of numerous TikTokers who use the method. The hashtag #FrozenCucumberHack has over 12.5 million views.

The user @emmafreece documented her face with cucumber for ten days and sang her praises.

“I still loved it,” she said. “My cheeks still look really good. It helps with my redness. ”

TikToker @ ajoyce408 tried the hack to fight her eczema.

“I usually apply lotion or toner right after a shower,” she said. “But it feels so moisturizing that I feel like I don’t need it. It smells so good.”

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