The way to Schedule Instagram Posts on Desktop (New + Straightforward + Highly effective)

The preview looks simple and minimal, but it’s powerful.

You can plan:

  • Normal posts
  • Carousels
  • Instagram roles
  • IGTVs
  • Instagram stories
  • Repost other people’s content
  • Hashtags in the first comment

You can also:

  • Change your video thumbnails
  • Upload cover pictures
  • Get 3,000 strategic subtitle ideas
  • Use the custom hashtag library (hashtag research for you based on your account, company, or audience).
  • Auto-mail
  • Change the fonts in your caption (perfect if you’re writing headlines or want to get people’s attention on the first line of your caption)

And more.

The preview has been officially approved by Instagram, which means it is completely safe to use on your account.

Let’s talk about planning your posts.

You can do this in the Preview app on your phone and in the desktop version of Preview.

Here’s how to schedule your Instagram posts from the desktop.

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