The way to Promote Extra on Instagram This Vacation Season

The holiday season is here, and for a lot of business owners, it’s the busiest time of the year. Finding the time and creativity to come up with Instagram post ideas on top of everything else that you can have on your plate can be really overwhelming.

We’re here today to make your life easier by sharing some easy-to-create holiday themed hook ideas to help you sell more.

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So first, let me define Hook. A Hook is a bit of text that grabs the attention of a viewer. On a reel, it is the first text that instagram scrollers will see.  It can be a question, or a statement – but it’s purpose is to get that scroller to stop and actually view your post. 

We have a whole video on Hooks and the other two important elements your Reels need to get the most out of the time you spend on Instagram We’ll link it here in case you missed it! 

To create hooks that help you sell during the holidays –  first we want you to remember why people buy from you. Really think about their pain points or desires, and how you solve or fulfill them!

For the holidays – it’s pretty clear. People are out spending money during the Holidays. They have a lot of people to buy for and probably some that they have no idea what to get. So, use the hooks on your posts to connect with potential buying customers and stand out from the holiday noise on Instagram, you’re in the right place. And guess what? It won’t take up too much of your time.

Holiday Hook # 1

Let’s start by sharing some holiday hook ideas that can work for product based OR service based businesses. 

Yes, this hook is designed to spike curiosity and stop someone in their scroll so they watch your entire Reel or read your post. And it is: 

‘The perfect holiday gift doesn’t exist-‘

It’s a little cheeky, and definitely makes me want to stop and find out! The Reel can then focus on your offering, with further explanation about what you sell and who the gift would be right for.

It hooks you in enough to stop and then you can go into more details. Because if what you sell is good, and they have someone on their list that it is right for, you really are helping them.

Holiday Hook # 2

Okay, the next one is good to grab the attention of people who feel connected to their community and want to support small businesses.

‘Your Local Holiday Gift Guide.’

This can be great as a carousel post, or in a Reel. It will attract people that want to make conscious purchases for the holidays. Which I know is important to a lot of people – and it is definitely important to us, I really try to look for small companies to support and not spend all my gifting budget on amazon.

Holiday Hook # 3

Another great post hook specifically for product based business, especially if you love unboxing is…

‘Guess What’s Inside?’ Or ‘Unwrap with Us.’

People love a good unveiling – you’re featuring your product and you are solving a problem for your audience. Giving them ideas of what they can be gifting the loved ones on their lists!  You could even do this in a series, unwrapping different products as gift ideas and reveal them each day! I definitely love a good unboxing, 

The goal of all of these examples is for you to solve a problem for your audience. During the holiday season, a very universal feeling is overwhelmed with shopping lists, and never ending to-dos. So creating a gift guide, or providing a gift reveal – really can help people on IG get something done. And that leads us into the next idea.

Holiday Hook # 4

Your followers are probably exhausted and stressed out, running around trying to do ALL OF THE THINGS. Remind them that it’s okay to invest in themselves while they are gifting this holiday season. Because let’s face it, self-care is crucial during this busy season. If you sell a service, turning the focus back on our audience and letting them know that your service can also be a treat for them during the holiday season. Here’s the hook: 

‘Holiday Stress Relief: Let’s Take Care of You!’ 

or ‘Treat Yourself Because We’re All Sick of Shopping!’

Holiday Hook # 5

Now if someone has forgotten a gift or is doing last minute shopping, use a hook like: 

‘Forget Someone on Your List? We’ve Got You Covered!’

And you can be their holiday hero! This will also work well if you have a special going on, that will create urgency to buy from you at that moment.

Powerful Next Steps

Now, we obviously want you to take these hooks, and make them your own. They may need your finishing touches and unique tone of voice.

And remember that a hook is just one part of a successful Reel.  If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a social media team to tell you exactly what to say and what button to click for Reels, then we have the next right step. 

Our free LIVE Reels workshop is perfect for you. If you want exact instructions and accountability of doing the work, live together, then definitely register! It’s called Get Found Online, a Step By Step Reels Workshop. 

We want to wish you all a joyful and successful holiday season. We hope we’ll see you live on the workshop!

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