The TikTok-Well-known Blackstone Grill – Black Stone 36″ Griddle Overview

Every week there seems to be a new food trend on TikTok: Dalgona coffee! Feta noodles! Pancake Muesli! The newest is the Blackstone Griddle. With more than 217 million views combined, #Blackstone and #BlackstoneGriddle showcase backyard chefs preparing whole meals at once on their steel hobs. Think eggs, bacon, cookies and pancakes for Sunday breakfast.

Why the hype? With four independently controlled zones, you can cook practically anything on the large grill surface – grilling staple foods (burgers, steak, prawns) and more complicated dishes such as stir-fries and cheese steaks – without using a single pot or pan. TikToker Jackie Hartlaub (@lowcarbstateofmind) – whose video of grilling loaded sausages on her Blackstone went viral – says she “can cook really large amounts of food quickly with only spatula and griddle tidying up.”

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The best thing about it: barbecuing attracts cooks of all kinds. “It’s not just dad who is hogging the grill because big flames flare up.” says Roger Dahle, CEO of Blackstone Products, noting that in 2020, 26 percent of their customers identified themselves as female. These barbecue infernos “aren’t really fun to stand around. But you can surround a frying pan and watch whoever is cooking. There is something.”

Molly Maung (@littlecajunhouse) thinks it’s pretty magical. She bought a Blackstone after seeing them all over her feed and has gained a real following after just a month of posting griddle cooking videos. “I hear things like ‘When is dinner?’ ‘I am on the way!’ “I bought my Blackstone because of you,” says Maung, who hasn’t cooked in her actual kitchen since she got the device.

Super fans have set up private Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members, such as Blackstone Griddle Owners and Blackstone RV / Camping Food, to share tips and recipes and build a community. But regardless of the platform, Blackstone die-hard players like Maung agree:

“As long as you keep it well oiled and covered, you’ll have a new best friend!”

Blackstone 4-burner 36-inch griddle

Black stone

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Turns out the TikTok hype is very real and a blackstone griddle should be at the top of your summer must-have list. The flat top makes for easy cooking and cleaning, and can be used to prepare so many different types of food without looking clunky on your patio. At home, a full breakfast of fried eggs and bacon and sauteed corn is some of our favorites and as the weather warmed up we started making stir fry days a tradition.

Thanks to the independently controlled zones, ready-made dishes can stay warm on one side of the grill plate while other dishes are ready, so that your entire plate is always served hot. Unlike other grills, the Blackstone Griddle allows anyone to gather outside while one person is manning the griddle, making it a shared experience that is truly unique.

And if you’re inevitably obsessed with the Blackstone, there are so many additional items to buy for your cooking station like cast iron spices, roasting lids, and oil bottles made specifically for griddle users.

Are you obsessed with cooking appliances that will change your life? We are too. Let’s take our relationship to the next level.

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