THE TIKTOK MUSICAL Raises $2 Million For the Actors Fund

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical raised a total of $ 2 million in aid to the Actors Fund. This is the most successful fundraiser in the history of the Actors Fund.

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical premiered on Friday January 1, 2021 on TodayTix with over 200,000 tickets sold and an encore on Sunday January 10, and presented by Tony Award-winning theater company Seaview in association with TikTok and TodayTix Presents 10 on TikTok with 150,000 viewers. More than 350,000 people saw Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical between the two viewing platforms.

In a statement, Joseph P. Benincasa, President and CEO of the Actors Fund said: “The collaborative spirit of the entertainment community was evident in Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical. The Actors Fund is incredibly grateful to Thomas Schumacher and the Disney Theatrical Group to Greg Nobile and Seaview Productions, the phenomenal performers and musicians, the remarkable creative team, and the TikTok community for this groundbreaking benefit. Their dedication and generosity have brought joy to art lovers worldwide and raised unprecedented money and points. The same spirit of collaboration will help the Actors Fund continue to be stable and promotes resilience and provides a safety net for everyone in the entertainment and performing arts. “

“When Greg Nobile first approached us with the idea of ​​producing a Ratatouille fundraising event, we never thought it would create such an amazing outpouring of love and support for The Actors Fund,” said Thomas Schumacher, President & Disney Theater Producer. “What we all saw on New Year’s Day was a festival of arts and crafts that was as charming as it was moving. It’s exciting to see the theater makers from TikTok and the Broadway community come together to help so many in need This is an unprecedented time. Congratulations to our friends at Seaview, all of the artists involved, and our tireless colleagues at The Actors Fund. “

Greg Nobile, CEO of Seaview, said, “We are extremely grateful to the TikTok community, the Ratatouille creative team, and our friends at Disney Theatrical Group and The Actors Fund for helping us make this joyful, unique event in life In less than a month we have all created a new way of making art while raising money for such an important organization in this unprecedented time, and I hope the success of this benefit will have a lasting impact on our industry to continue Finding ways to encourage new, diverse, and younger voices and audiences – be it online, on Broadway, or beyond. “

This unique benefit included Wayne Brady (Django), Tituss Burgess (Remy), Kevin Chamberlin (Gusteau), Tony Award winner André De Shields (Ego), Andrew Barth Feldman (Linguini) and Grammy nominee Adam Lambert (Emile), Tony winner Priscilla Lopez (Mabel), Tony nominees Ashley Park (Colette), Owen Tabaka (Young Ego) and three-time Tony nominees Mary Testa (Skinner) with Cori Jaskier, Talia Suskauer, Nikisha Williams, JJ Niemann, John Michael Lyles , Raymond J. Lee and Joy Woods as an ensemble.

The one-off performance of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical featured content created by members of TikTok’s # RatatouilleMusical Community, whose collective work has earned the engagement of more than 200 million fans around the world, and with the 20-piece Broadway Sinfonietta Orchestra was performed.

Ratatouille: The TikTok musical was adapted by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley for this virtual fundraising event, choreographed by Ellenore Scott, directed by Lucy Moss and with music by Danny Bernstein (@dannykbernstein), Gabbi Bolt (@fettuccinefettuqueen), Kevin Chamberlin (@ fettuccinefettuqueen) @chamberlin_kevin), RJ Christian (@rjthecomposer), Nathan Fosbinder (@ fozzyforman108), Emily Jacobsen (@e_jaccs), Sophia James (@sophiajamesmusic), Katie Johantgen (@katiejoyofosho) and Daniel Mertzlufosho) (@ Blake Rouse (@blakeyrouse).

The creative team also includes Daniel Mertzlufft (music supervisor, arranger, original music & lyrics, @DanielMertzlufft), Macy Schmidt (orchestrator & music coordinator), David Bengali (video design and production), Chris Routh (set designer, @ShoeboxMusicals), Emily Marshall (Music Director and Coordinator), Jeffrey Gugliotti (Associate Choreographer), Tilly Grimes (Costume Consultant), Jessie Rosso (@JessieRosso) and Geoffrey Ko (Music Copy), Kate Leonard (Additional Text), Michael J. Mortiz, Jr. (Audio Producer, Mixer , Master), Angie Teo (audio mixer), Cody Renard Richard (stage manager), Amy Jo Jackson (dialect coach) and Taylor Williams, CSA (casting).

Jeremy O. Harris, Michael Breslin, and Patrick Foley served as executive producers.

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