The TikTok ’60s Eye Make-up Look Is Really So Straightforward To Do

From the TikTok page “For You” to the catwalks of the fashion month, the make-up looks of the 60s are returning to the scene. With bold cat eyes, creased eyeshadow, and fluttering eyelashes, the iconic ’60s makeup look is gloriously groovy – but TikTok’s beauty gurus have given the trend a glittery, graphic twist for 2021, and I’m obsessed by far View.

Of course, as you scroll through those short TikTok clips, it’s not always easy to see step by step what the creator did or snap up the products they used to create the look that you instantly liked and saved . That’s why I spoke to Karen Teomi, Education Manager at elf Cosmetics, for instructions on this trendy 60s makeup look. And as it turns out, it’s actually easier than you might think.

Read on for all of the tips and tricks on how to recreate this retrospect-inspired beauty aesthetic.

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The look

The ’60s makeup looks are all about highlighting the eyes with eyeliner to create a shaped cat eye. The latest versions of TikTok use the original look as a foundation, but offer an ornate, ultra-glamorous spin with a mix of eyeliner and glittery shadows. And according to Teomi, they are absolutely doable.

“You can definitely create a DIY version of this stunning trend at home,” Teomi tells Bustle. While every look is unique and requires a small difference in application, there are a few simple steps that run through the trend.

Step 1: Start with a solid foundation

Teomi recommends prepping your eyelids with a concealer that is a shade lighter than your own skin tone, rather than an eyeshadow primer. “Not only does this create a base for the look, but it also neutralizes any discoloration you might have on your eyelid for maximum boldness,” she explains.

Be sure to choose a concealer with a matte finish to ensure that the rest of your eye makeup adheres to it properly. “I love using the elf 16 HR Camo Concealer as an eyeshadow primer for this type of look,” shares Teomi. “It dries to a matte finish that gives the ultimate hold.”

The By Terry Touche Veloutée Concealer is also a fan favorite thanks to its moisturizing formula that reinforces soft, matte powder for a smooth finish. And the buildable cream concealer from Subtl Beauty mattifies the skin and creates an optimal base for oily eyelids.

Step 2: draw your cat’s eye

Don’t let these words intimidate you! You got that. Grab some waterproof eyeliner first for more control and longevity.

There are a plethora of options to create your desired finish. Rodial’s Smokey Eye Pen provides a long-lasting finish, but is still soft enough to blur for a smoky look.

If you’re creating the signature silhouette of a traditional cat’s eye, the No Budge Retractable Eyeliner from elf Cosmetics is a great choice thanks to its waterproof, ultra-pigmented formula and budget-friendly price. And the Skyliner Automatic Gel Eyeliner from Wander Beauty is best suited for a graphic eye look, as the gel pen offers exceptional color transfer and stays in place all day.

You can boldly go with a jet black shade, or for a chic neutral option, Teomi suggests going a shade of brown.

To start your cat’s eye, Teomi recommends drawing a thick curved line in the center of your crease that follows the crescent shape. Bring this line to a wing at the outer end.

Then simply connect the outer tip of this line to the outer corner of the eye. Easy enough right?

Alternatively, instead of artfully drawing on the liner, you can fill the entire eyelid with black liner for a thicker base.

Step 3: mix it up, baby

If you’re going for a classic ’60s silhouette, don’t stick too far out of your eye while mixing the liner.

Teomi suggests using the small precision brush from elf Cosmetics to work on and gently blend the liner. You can also use the brand’s slightly larger domed precision smudge brush for a smokier effect.

The P87 Edge Precision Brush from Sigma Beauty is also within easy reach: the angled, triangular brush head is ideal for sweeping away a moment of make-up.

Step 4: get glam

There are no hard and fast rules here; You can go as bold or as subtle as you like with the glitter part of this makeup trend.

If you want to keep the application process simple, try a liquid glitter eyeshadow with an applicator, such as the elf Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow or the PYT Beauty Glow Me Liquid Eyeshadow. Both practical tote bag applicators and buildable formulas that dry quickly without wrinkling. Lemonhead’s Spacepaste Glitter is also worthy of praise for its opaque glitter concentrate that sticks when applied.

Teomi recommends starting in the inner corner and only applying glitter to halfway around the eyelid. Then apply a flat eyeshadow brush like the Luxie Beauty # 738 Brush to blend it in with a gentle tapping motion.

Let the product dry before applying a few coats of mascara. The Black Sensitive Mascara from REK Cosmetics is recommended for natural-looking eyelashes. Or try Big Mood Mascara from elf Cosmetics for a dramatic flutter.

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