‘The straightforward pleasures’: How a Valley farmer grew to become TikTok well-known

Eric Amadio of Amadio Ranch reluctantly downloaded Tik Tok a few months ago in hopes that it could help his business. Now he is famous in the popular app.

PHOENIX – Eric Amadio dons denim overalls in an Ahwatukee parking lot on a sunny afternoon and greets every customer at his farmers market with a smile.

“It’s a superfood. You only need a few bites of it,” says Amadio, pointing out his fresh kale for sale.

Most customers buy cakes, honey, fudge and spinach for their families without realizing that the man they are buying the goods from is famous on TikTok.

“No. No, it’s ridiculous,” Amadio said when asked if he would ever imagine becoming famous.

Amadio and his wife bought the land for their farm in Laveen about ten years ago. They initially planned that it should be just for them. They quickly realized that they could meet the needs of the community and decided to turn it into a business.

They knew they would need social media help in order for their business to be successful.

“We started on Facebook a long time ago,” said Amadio.

Amadio reluctantly set up a Tik Tok account last year to keep up with the times. In his videos he is his authentic self and shows the variety of objects shown on his farm.

But a recent video would change the game for Amadio.

He made a video joking about the benefits of carrying ranch dressing in your pocket, “pocket ranch,” as he calls it. Amadio lies on the floor and takes out a package of ranch. Then he pulls out a clipper, cuts a fresh piece of broccoli off his farm, dips it, and takes a crispy bite.

“I just thought it would be fun if I pulled the ranch out and got it done,” Amadio said.

It turns out that more than two million others agree.

“Some of the funniest things are that I’ve had people go, ‘You didn’t wash that! It’s full of bugs! ‘We don’t have faults like this in Arizona. I don’t eat bugs, “said Amadio.

Thousands of comments have been received. Users were refreshed with Amadio’s wholesome content and friendly spirit.

“Some people are just in a bad place really just seeing the simple joys of the farm, which is exactly what it is. Everyone who goes there gets that right away, “said Amadio.

Amadio Ranch has already seen a boom in business thanks to the viral video. He hopes to continue his 15 minutes of fame to bring joy to his millions of viewers.

“It just triggers something in them. It was really cool, “said Amadio.

Amadio said many viewers in the comment section discussed where the ranch came from in his viral video. He wanted to set the record straight, it comes from Jack in the Box!

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