The Smithy Household hearth newest


Former builder and father Nick, his partner Jess and their children make up the famous Smithy family from south London.

Nick and Jess have two daughters – six year old Amelia and nine year old Isabella – and a newborn boy.

Jess’ half-brother Jack can be seen regularly in the family’s videos, as is Nick’s 13-year-old son Ben, who sometimes lives with the family.

The family has achieved TikTok fame for their fun, heartwarming videos.

According to LadBible, Nick joined TikTok back in December 2019 after his daughter said he was “too embarrassed” to join their TikToks.

Then he opened his own account.

The account has grown tremendously since its inception and the family now shares their life with their 2.6 million followers.

The family has been successful on their other social media accounts as well – which allowed the father of four, Nick, to quit his job as a construction worker, reports MyLondon.

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