The right way to Get Heatless In a single day Curls, As Seen on TikTok

Last year, TikTok’s heat-free night hair curl hack with a robe belt went viral.

Now app users have come up with a new, easy way to wake up with their hair perfectly coiffed.

You need a t-shirt for that.

This is how you get bouncy curls overnight without heat.

Curl hair with a t-shirt

The hashtag #tshirtcurls has over 7.2 million views.

TikTok user Erin Dugan Jurchak shared a video last week trying to curl her t-shirt locks after seeing creator @mypawfectfamily show off her hair results with the hack.

Her video has received over 6.7 million views and 1.2 million likes, while that of @mypawfectfamily has over 1 million views and 248,000 likes.

“I live for these heat-free hair experiments,” said Dugan Jurchak at the beginning of her video.

She started with 90 percent air-dried hair and a donut-rolled T-shirt with rigid hair ties.

The T-shirt is parted in the middle and placed on top of the head.

She removed the first strand of hair from her face and pulled it over and under the donut to make sure it was snug against the shirt.

Then she added a new strand of hair to the piece that had been pulled under the donut and said, “Same thing, make sure it is snug against the shirt, around the shirt and below.”

She kept going around her head and adding more hair, but explained that it wasn’t that easy to get to the back of her head.

After completing one side of her head, she used bobby pins to hold it in place, then repeated the process on the other side of her head, starting all over again.

The next day she stated that the T-shirt was “very comfortable to sleep in” and “didn’t really move”.

She removed the bobby pins and shook her hair out to reveal her bouncy curls.

In disbelief, she said, “I can’t fucking believe it.”

To get the right curls for you, TikTok user @baharbdoll stated, “The smaller the shirt, the tighter the curls. Using a larger shirt will give you more of a blowout look.”

She also advised gently rolling up the shirt to remove it instead of shaking your hair out to avoid pulling and pulling.

Other users of the app have shared their disbelief over how well the hack worked when user @haleyjakobson gasped audibly in her video after untangling her hair.

A woman in a hair salon shows her curly blowout from behind. TikTok users have come up with a new easy way to wake up with their hair perfectly coiffed.
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