The right way to Get Extra Followers on Instagram

Are you a beginner and want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram? I got you covered. In this week’s blog post, I’ll give you a little taste of my signature program for Instagram beginners: Ready Set Grow. Read on to learn more about one of my five SBZ pillars of the post on Instagram, SHAREABILITY. this blog post:

What is divisibility?

First, let’s examine what divisibility means. Essentially, sharable content is an extremely effective way to grow your Instagram account and business presence on the app. When someone shares your Instagram content, they’ll give you organic confirmation that will help you get more in touch with other accounts.

Even better? It’s completely free. But it’s not enough to just post content and hope that people will share it. Instead, you need to strategize your content with your ideal followers in mind.

Your Instagram Posts, Reels, IGTVs, and Stories should connect with and relate to your followers. The content you create should be so popular that your followers will feel compelled to share it with their audience.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that you should create content that doesn’t feel authentic to your brand. But given the direction the Instagram platform is headed and how the algorithm works, sharable content that feels authentic to your brand should be paramount.

How to create shareable content

Now let’s focus on how to create shareable content so that you can get more Instagram followers. View your own activities on Instagram. What do you share in your Instagram Stories? Or send it to your friends via Instagram Direct Messenger?

Usually it is content that makes you think or laugh. If you share something on Instagram, you fully agree and you consent to your “co-signing” it.

For example, check out this content from. on Cultivate. create. As a brand that supports women entrepreneurs with training courses and events, their content is 100% divisible. I mean who wouldn’t send this to their business BFF?

Here is another example of Little Movements clothing. This tutorial, which shows how to properly knot your t-shirt, is top-notch content to share. I mean, one of the SBZ team members sent this to 5 of her friends.

An Instagram Reel tutorial from Little Movements Apparel showing how to tie a knot in a t-shirt.

Finally, an example from my PRO client: Lisa. She is an excellent copywriter who knows how to speak directly to her ideal client about some of their biggest problems. Also, Liz uses her graphics and captions to grab the attention of her niche audience of entrepreneurs, making her content much more likely to get shared.

Liz shares an Instagram graphic encouraging people to open up their inner ass.

To maximize the divisibility of your Instagram post, create graphics that contain text but are not overly branded. People are more likely to share your content if they think it might fit their brand aesthetic too.

Sue B. Pro tip: If you share content like a quote or something that is not original, make sure to mention the description or mark the original creator. It’s Instagram etiquette.

Call-to-action with shareable content

In conclusion, remember that you should always make it clear if you want your followers to share your content. Be it through Instagram Stories or by sending your content to a friend. A clear call-to-action, also known as a CTA, leads to increased engagement.

Check out this graphic that I shared. Even though the graphic is in my branded colors, I used a clear CTA to let people know this post should be shared. I tell people exactly what I want them to do. If so, I encourage my followers to tag a business owner who inspires you to be yourself!

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram graphic that says:

Now my current followers will tag and comment. That’s a big win for the Instagram algorithm. Don’t think the tagging CTA is the only one to share. You can also ask people to leave a comment or double-tap to like it.

For example, look at this caption from. on Nutritionist for family snackswho is a picky eater parent trainer. Her post is 100% shareable and she has a CTA asking her followers to read more in her caption. This will get people to stop on their scroll.

An Instagram post from the Family Snack Nutritionist showing how to properly address picky eating habits.

Learn more about growing your Instagram community

Now you know one of the five pillars of my Ready Set Grow course. But there is so much more to learn! Secure a place in this signature course to get a full tour of the Instagram platform and learn the basics that will help you grow your account so you can meet your business goals.

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