The NYC TikTok Aesthetic: 7 Objects Everybody Is Carrying

If you spend a few minutes scrolling on TikTok, you might find yourself on the app’s fashion page – once you get there you will know. At Fashion TikTok everyone dresses like the coolest person in your circle. The types of girls I talk about are the ones who embrace trends, are not afraid of colors and crazy prints, and dress with the energy of the main character every day. They love attracting it brands like House of Sunny and will be the first to tell you about the latest drops on Lisa Says Gah. You might even buy a chess board or plastic rings after watching a few videos.

I have noticed a new trend lately where people are pulling out all of the key elements of the New York fashion girl aesthetic from TikTok. Although these videos, like the one linked below, are often supposed to cast shadows on how ubiquitous these influencer types are, I think the whole look felt very timely, and I just had to have one feature on the brands, trends, items, and people that define the style movement.

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