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After a successful Netflix debut, Bridgerton took over TikTok thanks to the skills of two musically gifted creators. TikTok users and Bridgerton: Musical creators Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear spoke to Today about how their social media show came together.

“We were obsessed with the show. Who doesn’t love it There is so much drama, such great storytelling, and I got it to the end and there was some dialogue that stood out from the crowd and I flew to my piano, ”Barlow told today’s TMRW.

Barlow first created “Daphne’s Song,” inspired by Phoebe Dynevor’s character, which went viral on the social media platform. Barlow’s number spread TikTok and sparked reactions from fellow Bridgerton viewers and the inspired collaborator Emily Bear.

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♬ Original sound – Abigail Barlow

Bear, who studied at Julliard and New York University, showed her musical knowledge with the trend and began working with Barlow, with whom she had previously worked on another musical project.

“We write together incredibly quickly, so it’s kind of a yin-and-yang situation when we write,” said Barlow. “Our skills complement each other so well. And when I’m missing a place or I lose my inspiration, she always knows what to do. “

While the two musicians have certainly caught the attention of thousands of TikTok users and Netflix executives alike, their aspirations are beyond digital space as they both face Broadway. Meanwhile, the Bridgerton team, including writer Julia Quinn, have shown support for the creative duo.

“It’s crazy. To have created something that has inspired so many people to use their own creativity is honestly the coolest part for us,” added Bear. “Because we are creators and live by ourselves, inspired to and the fact that we can have this effect on other creatives is very humble. “

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We finished the opening number !!!!!! (Also what’s your favorite song, just curious, hehe) @abigailbarlowww

♬ Original sound – Emily Bear

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