The most effective TikTok meme you’ll want to watch – Movie Day by day

TikTok doesn’t seem to be running out of memes to keep us busy during this perpetual lockdown. This time the app was taken by storm by Erica Banks’ song “Buss It”. The videos have become so popular that everyone has tried to replicate the meme.

The amazing thing about this trend is that it shows how to get from your laziest COVID lockdown PJs to a real Goddess like it was nothing. You can start messing around while the song starts playing, then drop it like a boss with the bass and twerk. The idea behind this meme is to show off your best outfit, makeup, hair, and dance moves right after showing yourself off in full lockdown attire.

We think this TikTok meme is too good and we know FOMO is real. That’s why we wanted to show you the best of this TikTok challenge so you can get inspired and try it out for yourself. Listen!

My favorite #BussItChallenge video

– H✨ (@_UnusualH) January 8, 2021

You probably didn’t see that coming

Isn’t it great how this TikTok starts? She looks all comfy and cute with her robe and then BAM! The sexiest person alive.

I had so much fomo! 😭 #BussItChallenge

– Naomi🌹 (@NayyOweMee) January 8, 2021

Talk about dance moves

With dance moves like the one at the beginning of this TikTok, we knew something good was coming.

So … FOMO had me on my neck 😅 #BussItChallenge

– Khensani🤍 (@ kayx_16) January 8, 2021

Face mask on

This surprised us too. The face mask makes it harder to guess what it will look like at the end of the TikTok. We’ll tell you what we look like: totally shaken.

Bruhhh It’s the outfit for me 😂😍🔥

– Doves⚪ (@Dovesish) January 8, 2021

Party time!

This TikTok gave us the full imagination. We have the club lights and everything.

So I definitely try the 😁😩🌚 # BussItChallenge

– TAY | TAY (@LatiNgcobo) January 8, 2021


We now need her entire outfit in our wardrobe. Your TikTok gives us life.

This is the best #BussItChallenge I’ve ever seen woow

– Rex ❄️🇬🇭🇰🇷 (@RexfordKingsley) January 8, 2021


That’s what we’re talking about. The whole TikTok meme is perfection and everything we strive for in life.

I did something #BussItChallenge

– 🦋 (@nzseoh) January 8, 2021

Hair goals

Don’t you love how beautiful natural hair looks? This TikTok got us from short to long in seconds and we love it.

My heart beats 😰… please be nice #BussItChallenge

– 🦋 (@gminiban) January 8, 2021

From sweet to hawt

We wish we could have this amazing makeover. We may not be trying to replicate this meme, but it definitely inspires us to improve our game.

I did this at 2am #BussItChallenge 🥺✨

– uenoyama-kun ✨ (@missalfiejean) January 8, 2021

Work on it

We wanted to finish this on a high level and what better way to do it than with this amazing TikTok. Don’t tell us your jaw is off the ground right now.

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