The Final Instagram Username Concepts (for All Sorts of Accounts)

Before I show you fun Instagram username ideas, here are ways you can customize your username.

  • Use underscore (like @this_example)
  • Use periods (like @ this.example)
  • Use numbers (like @ thisexample001)

You can also use words like:

  • “Die” (like @
  • “My” (like @myhomesweethome)
  • “Your” (like @yourfashionpassion)
  • “Let’s” (like @letsgetfit)
  • “Club” (like @yourfashionclub) to create a community account
  • “History” (like @myfamilystory)

You can also combine words based on:

  • Your name (alex)
  • What your account is about (food)
  • How you are (friendly)
  • What you want
  • Any other important words that you might want to use

If I follow these tips, my username could be:

  • @thefriendlyfood
  • @alex_thefriendlyfoodie

Pretty cool right?

It is your turn to try different combinations for your account.

Keep scrolling for more ideas.

You will see that we have used periods and underscores for usernames in the examples.

Feel free to use whatever you prefer. You can also remove the period and underscore if you want to keep the words together.

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