The 28 Xtremes Problem defined – are you able to deal with these spicy almonds?

Forget the Hot Chip Challenge, it’s time to check out the 28 Xtremes trend. These flavorful almonds will leave you gasping for milk.

Be honest like really honest. Which curry do you get from the Indian snack bar? Are you a Dhansak or Tikka Massala guy on middle street? Or do you like to take a little risk with a Jalfrezi?

I really hope you didn’t say korma. In the iconic words of Smithy himself (Gavin and Stacey referencing it, watch it on Netflix) a korma is pointless … pointless, I won’t touch it.

Anyway, if you said Madras or Vindaloo, two of the hottest options on the curry scale, then we have a challenge that might be for you.

TikTok – For your pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok



TikTok – For your pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok





What is the 28 Xtremes Challenge?

The latest viral food trend from TikTok is the 28 Xtremes Challenge, and they certainly don’t lie with the word extreme.

The challenge is to eat 28 of Blue Diamond’s new Xtremes Spicy Almonds in a row.

The almonds come in three flavors, Cayenne Pepper (Hot), Ghost Pepper (Hotter) and Carolina Reaper (Hottest).

As you can imagine, they are all very spicy. This challenge is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Here are the rules

Okay, you think you are ready for the 28 Xtremes Challenge? Here are the rules …

  1. Eat 28 Xtremes Almonds in a row.
  2. No breaks allowed.

Yes it really is. Sounds easy right? Well … just wait.

Blue Diamond Almonds sponsor the TikTok Challenge

The 18 Xtremes Challenge is one of the TikTok sponsored challenges, which means that Blue Diamond has teamed up with TikTok to start the advertising campaign.

“Attention heat seekers! Check out the # 28XTREMES challenge. Simply take 28 XTREMES almonds in a row. No breaks. No excuses. Bus probably a few tears. Get ready for a bite of fiery taste, ”wrote Blue Diamond on TikTok.

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Remember that XTREMES almonds are very hot and spicy and are not suitable for people who are sensitive to spicy foods.

Don’t forget to post your video on TikTok and use the hashtag # 28XTREMES.

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