The 15 Greatest Dwelling and Design TikTok Accounts to Observe Proper Now

If you’ve only recently discovered #designtok, chances are you’re in the process of redesigning your entire home. We get it – TikTok opened up a world of trending design aesthetics, DIYs, and home hacks that we didn’t know we needed (and now we can’t stop thinking about them). Here are 15 of the best accounts to follow for all of your decorating, DIY, and home styling needs.

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Few prominent designers nailed #designtok like Kelly Wearstler. Not only are we * obsessed * with their designs (see: modern, eclectic style), but their videos are as informative as they are chic. Oh, and she’s also doing shopping metrics that are seriously considering us spending a month’s rent on an LED floor lamp.

Once you are able to process how crazy this IKEA hacked chair came out, you’re guaranteed to develop an obsession with Drew Scott’s designer-inspired DIYs and styling tips. Scott, the creator of Lone Fox Home, not only provides loyal fans with their “daily dose of DIY,” but also shows videos of him waltzing with James Charles (and we’re here for that).

Whether she’s sharing her favorite budget-friendly design tips or roasting the modern farmhouse aesthetic, Jessica Karin’s account keeps us up to date on the latest home trends. Not to mention their all-too-relatable videos about waiving therapy fees to splurge on home decor (that’s why we need therapy in the first place).

If you can’t figure out how to bring your design style to life, look no further. Anni Vanderbeek creates style-specific Amazon summaries to make shopping your aesthetic a breeze (we currently covet the Modern Organic Home Aesthetic list). We also live for their video that describes “annoying things” [she] do that [her] Fiancée has to deal with it. “We feel seen.

There is next to nothing we love more than an Amazon home find – especially an affordable Amazon home find. Enter: The Boujee on a Budget series of this account. We promise you will never again spend too much on a lightbulb or bathroom accessory.

The story goes on

If you are looking for the pinnacle of sophistication and European-inspired designs, this account is * the * port of call. Not only is Cloe’s design style TikToks informative in a way that we understand, her predictions for home trends are so precise that we almost want to keep this hidden gem to ourselves. Not to mention how obsessed we are with their overall style.

To all vintage lovers, there is such a thing called #thrifttok and we can’t believe we’re just discovering it. This account is a must if you’re just starting out with antique and vintage designs (because we honestly don’t know where to start with this hashtag).

And another account for our fans of vintage design. @Houseofhipsters may be the upper floor of vintage decor on TikTok – Kyla was frugal and antiquated long before it gained popularity (again) this year. This account has everything from styling tips to DIYs to vintage shopping tips without which we would be lost now.

If you are a fan of modern, eclectic design and are * not * already following this account, we recommend that you stop doing what you do and start stalking right away. @ abby.silverman shares everything from IG accounts we track to Inspo and Amazon home finds that we didn’t know we needed. Not to mention how far away your NYC apartment is.

Forget about making furniture and accessories yourself because this account has taken things to a whole new level. Apparently we can now do custom internals ourselves and our only concern is how we will part with our contractors.

If TikTok convinced you that you are now an amateur interior designer, then this account should be followed to go from amateur to professional. Jaclyn Harper, HGTV stylist and TV host, shows us exactly what not to do when it comes to styling, along with lesser known tricks of the trade.

When we tell you our jaws dropped when we saw this Ikea Kallax dupe, we’re not exaggerating. This account has everything from DIY designer dupes to affordable styling tips, and if you’re looking for an account that offers luxury looks for less money, @xomyhome is the Mecca.

Do you need a touchstone for the reality of the decor? Anthony Immediato’s report tells us everything we need to know about the trends (and what’s on the way). It also gives us design inspo in a range of styles that don’t overwhelm us and make straightforward sense.

Okay, do-it-yourselfers in training, this account absolutely convinced us that we can turn everything from Ikea into a luxurious staple. Don’t you believe us? Just check out this totally DIY living room transformation.

If the idea of ​​browsing the HomeGoods decor aisle gives you chest pains, consider Krysten your home shaman. Her account has everything from hidden Marshall’s finds to her favorites in the world market, and her shopping spells saved us from wandering aimlessly through department stores before we inevitably give up and leave with nothing.

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