Teresa Giudice Followers Shocked After Seeing Her Daughter’s TikTok

RHONJ Teresa Giudice fans are calling the reality star after recently watching her 12-year-old daughter Audriana’s TikTok.

Fans of the hit reality series Bravos find it shocking to see Teresa allowing her daughter to sell nutritional supplements at such a young age. We all know Teresa is an accomplished businesswoman. However, fans who watch Audriana’s Thursday TikTok are not happy. The Tween used social media to share a sponsored post for Bloom Nutrition Greens and Superfood Supplements.

The TikTok clip shows Teresa and Joe Giudice’s youngest daughter pushing the benefits of the product. Audriana wears a crop top and shorts and encourages all of her followers to try the supplements.

Does Joe also know what Teresa Giudice is up to?

The middle school student asks her audience to mix the powder in “water, any juice, or even your favorite smoothie”! She then pushes the product, saying that Bloom Nutrition helps “boost your immunity while also helping with digestion and gas.

“Try this if you are having trouble eating your vegetables every day!” exclaims Audriana Giudice.

Giudice family fans began to express their shock and disappointment in Teresa for allowing their young daughter to participate in an adult-oriented social media campaign, according to Page Six.

“Since when do 12-year-olds have gas? I’m sorry they are forcing you to do this, ”one user wrote.

Another contribution: “Why do you let a 12-year-old do this?” And a third commentator calls the whole thing “sick”.

The Real Housewives of New York City’s daughter Jill Zarin, Ally Shapiro, 28, added to the comments section, writing, “I can’t even get her to sponsor me !!!!”

Audriana Giudice takes after mom

Audriana judge TikTok

Teresa Giudice takes great care to promote whatever comes her way to make money. Which fans feel is fine; She is an adult. However, according to her fans, using your kids to do the same is unacceptable.

We know Tre was busy filming season 12 of RHONJ, but that’s no excuse to ignore what your underage kids are doing. Fans say Teresa Giudice should protect her child and not use her to make a dollar. So far, Teresa has not officially commented on the outrage generated by Audriana’s TikTok ad. This is not the first time Teresa Giudice has been ashamed.

Last September, fans slammed the reality star and writer after sharing a photo of their children back at school on Instagram. The photo attracted a lot of attention because of Milania Giudice’s revealing clothes.

One Instagram follower commented: “Don’t forget that you are the mother, not the girlfriend.”

The thirteen-year-old wears camouflage pants and a sleeveless top. The top is a black tank top and the neckline is cut a little deep. Fans say it’s too risky for an eighth grader. Milania also sports a full face with makeup, which annoys fans as well.

Fans claim that Teresa should protect her children. However, there are many potential dangers associated with posting such photos on social media. Dangers for which such young girls are not equipped.

Do you think Teresa Giudice is too busy making money to protect her children from the dangers of social media?


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