St. James Trump Home Highlighted By TikTok Consumer

ST. JAMES, NY – A St. James home that has given its full support for former US President Donald Trump’s 2024 was featured on TikTok social media app in March.

TikTok user @freebirdny drove past the house, which next to the front door contains cardboard clippings of Trump and former first lady Melania Trump, a “Trump 2024” sign, Trump and American flags, a mailbox with Trump’s face, and other paraphernalia.

lmao waiting for the mailbox
– My divorce left a lot of fragrant inventory on April 7, 2021 (@ websiteidi0t)

The video was released on March 25th. User @freebirdny made her political preferences clear when her TikTok bio said, “Anything wearing a red hat is parody. Biden Harris. Still, she insisted.” She titled the video of her driving past the Trump house, “ST JAMES LONG ISLAND HORROR HOUSE”. The video received 3.5 million views.

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