Southwood Realty makes use of TikTok to foster connection, creativity amongst employees, residents

Southwood Realty recently added the popular TikTok social media app to its marketing strategy.

By using the platform, the employees of the leasing company want to promote the community spirit and creativity of their employees and residents and draw the attention of potential new tenants to themselves.

Southwood Realty operates several residential communities in Alamance County, including Windsor Upon Stonecrest and Alamance Reserve in Burlington and Waterside and Watercourse Apartments in Graham.

So far, two communities – Windsor Upon Stonecrest and Watercourse Apartments – have adopted the new platform.

Susannah Wares, a star on Windsor Upon Stonecrest’s TikTok page, said she joined the leasing team in March and immersed herself headlong into using the social media platform. At that point, Southwood Realty properties had been trying to get started on TikTok for about six months, regional manager Anna Whitaker said.

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“It’s another fun way to get involved,” said Whitaker. “TikTok has really exploded in the last year, I would say, so it just gives you more exposure and opportunities for creativity. … It can be eye-catching if you do something other than a Facebook post. “

The TikTok page of Windsor Upon Stonecrest

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitaker and Wares agreed that this was a helpful marketing tool when potential tenants couldn’t or didn’t want to visit the apartments in person.

“I believe there was a tour of the community in (Windsor Upon Stonecrests) first TikTok (Wares),” said Whitaker.

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“I know TikTok personally exploded from 2020-2021, and that’s something that got me personally interested,” added Wares. “I’ve seen other housing associations and property managers showcasing their properties on TikTok. … In those times it was a really cool opportunity to have that real connection with the community and with people who want to move into our community. “

The Watercourse Apartments TikTok page

It is this sense of community that kept the Southwood Realty team while developing TikTok.

The Watercourse Apartments site has gained 498 followers and the Windsor Upon Stonecrest TikTok account has 24 followers through Wednesday July 21st.

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“If you can’t get to the office like you did during the pandemic, you can’t have that personal connection with people. Having something like TikTok or having more pictures and videos and things on social media really helps build a sense of trust, “Wares said.

In addition to its marketing potential, TikTok has proven to be a community building tool for Southwood Realty's properties

While TikTok generally has a younger following, Whitaker said that Southwood Realty doesn’t aim to attract certain demographics into their communities. In fact, the company doesn’t even track these kids of metrics.

“To be honest, that’s not even our focus. I think it’s more the creative part of it and promoting it on TikTok more than trying to reach a demographic, ”explained Whitaker.

Wares and Whitaker said they didn’t have any new tenants saying they found out about the property through TikTok, but it was a hit with current residents. Whitaker said one employee became “famous for TikTok” after receiving awards at the gym for her online content in the apartment community.

Wares said she tries to post new videos at least weekly, but sometimes more. To keep up with the apartment communities or view their content, follow them on TikTok @windsorstonecrest and @ watercourseapts0.

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