Sophie Turner (Playfully) Slaps Joe Jonas within the Face on TikTok

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Joe Jonas is on tour for the Jonas Brothers: The Remember This Tour – and his wife Sophie Turner is there (lucky!). He has shared details on his TikTok, including a video showing how he prepared for her gig in Mountain View, CA on August 27th. Oh yes, and it was from Turner who slapped him very gently in the face ??

Caption “Ok, now I’m ready for you Mountain View !!” it looks like Turner (wearing a mask) is finished while Jonas straightens up. She taps him very gently in the face and he grins and jumps up and down, significantly increased. Wait, is that a thing? Does she do this before every show? Is that your ritual before the concert?

It turns out, yes, Jonas likes to be hit before he goes on stage, as he told Jimmy Fallon in a 2020 interview. “I need a good slap in the face, do some push-ups, you know, normal things you’d think in front of the stage, jumping jacks, I usually try to blow Queen,” he explained.

Commentators immediately told Turner to hit Jonas harder (lol) and a number of people pointed to her iconic Game of Thrones character. “I just saw technically that you are strong,” wrote paruhsahyt. “This north energy queen is no joke,” wrote omgfaiza. “Imagine she is in Dark Phoenix mode,” wrote opet100, referring to her X-Men character.

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While it’s a little hard to see Turner’s face, fans believe it is her – and if you look at the selfie Jonas took of him and Turner (shared on his Instagram stories), she’s wearing it the same updo and jeans.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner pose for a selfie

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So basically the video is just another hilarious look at their marriage! And hopefully we’ll get a lot more gymnasts when the JoBros continue to tour.

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