social media regulation: Coverage makers and regulators have a priceless position to play: FB’s Oversight Board

When asked about India’s new social media regulations, the regulator of social media giant Facebook told the board of directors of social media giant Facebook to ET that policy makers and regulators play a valuable role when it comes to moderation issues Content and issues related to Facebook is all about.

“We see the Oversight Board as part of the solution to content moderation problems around the world. The Oversight Board was not designed to solve every problem with Facebook. Decision-makers and regulators play a valuable role,” the board said .

The oversight board is addressing issues related to the shutdown of content on Facebook and its photo and video sharing app Instagram based on appeals and cases referred to by the company.

When the new rules were released on Thursday, the government said the rules essentially give ordinary users of digital platforms the opportunity to remedy complaints against their rights and to hold platforms accountable.

The government said that in cases where significant social facilitators remove or disable access to information on their own initiative, users who shared that information must be given a prior hint of the same explaining the reasons and rationale for such action become . Users must be given a reasonable and appropriate opportunity to contest the action taken by the intermediary.

Facebook’s oversight board announced its decision in the first Indian case earlier this month, saying it had overturned the company’s decision to remove a post per the community standard for violence and incitement in the country.

In response to the new rules, Facebook said on Thursday that the company has always known it welcomes regulations that set guidelines for tackling today’s toughest challenges on the Internet.

“Facebook is committed to the ability of people to express themselves freely and safely on our platforms. The details of such rules are important and we will carefully examine the new rules that have just been released. Facebook is an ally for India and the world The user safety and security agenda is critical to our platforms, “a company spokesperson said.

The Oversight Board released its first five case decisions last month, overturning four of Facebook’s decisions, confirming one, and making nine policy recommendations to the company. The board had said on several occasions that its members had questioned whether Facebook’s rules were clear enough for users to understand.

The board said Facebook has so far complied with all of its case decisions. “We assume that the attractiveness of users worldwide will increase as the work of the Board of Directors becomes better known.”

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