Snapchat testing TikTok Duet-like Remix function

The mobile application ecosystem, especially the social media segment, is a highly competitive market. When a company debuts with unique creative capabilities, it instantly gains traction and becomes an overnight sensation. The real battle for supremacy begins there, however, with established gamers integrating similar features into their apps. Like Stories of Snapchat was copied to all major apps including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Now Snapchat is planning to introduce the remix function, similar to the TikTok duet, reported the well-known tipster Alessandro Paluzzi.

With this new feature, users can reuse the friend’s story and reply with custom background and caption. Paluzzi also shared the screenshot (see below).

New remix feature tested on Snapchat (Photo credit: Alessandro Paluzzi)

Users can find the Remix function in the Spotlight area. Snapchat offers side-by-side and bottom-down snap formats as well as multiple color layouts.

New remix feature tested on Snapchat (Photo credit: Alessandro Paluzzi)

Snapchat is currently testing the above feature and is expected to release it to the public soon once it is ensured that bugs are fixed.
Arch-rival Instagram is also testing the same “remix” feature so that users can reply to their friends’ stories.

In a similar development, Clubhouse, an audio-only app that has become a huge hit on the Apple App Store, is planning its debut on the Google Play Store in two months.

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