Small Companies Dial In Digital Advertising and marketing With Personalised Adverts

Personalized ads offer cost-effective customer targeting

Adam Choudhry is a seasoned digital marketer, but the pandemic has forced him to rethink his approach. Adam opened his first barber shop, Kings Barbers Club, in Birmingham, England in 2009. He quickly learned that social media and smartphones, just getting started, would be an integral part of his success.

Right from the start, the barbershop’s Facebook page was essential to keep people informed about the business that was hidden on a quiet street. When Facebook Ads Manager hit the market, it proved to be an inexpensive way to target spend so Adam could show specific services and even styles to a specific demographic.

Facebook’s new study confirms that targeted, yet affordable ads work for small businesses. In the UK, 73% of respondents said reaching the right audience was important and 64% said cost was an important factor.

The growth of the Kings Barber Club shows just how powerful this benefit can be. Adam, who advertises exclusively on Facebook, has expanded its business to 14 locations, making it the largest independent hairdressing chain in the UK.

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