She Grew Her Electronic mail Checklist by 66% + Has Extra Than 500ok Views (CLIENT CASE STUDY)

We did something a little different this past week and interviewed one of our amazing PRO clients. She’s been a member since summer of 2023 and has had really impressive growth.

We wanted to dive into exactly how she got these results. Highlighting the Instagram tactics that she has embraced and workflow strategies that are helping her succeed!

Lisa with @FlyingGoatFarm has really grown her understanding of Instagram. She has more than doubled her Instagram following, launching lead magnets, and growing email lists… Lisa’s been busy! And has put in the work.

We are so proud of what she’s accomplished. Her reach is really impressive, but what’s even more fun to watch is the personality in her posts, the valuable content she shares, and the community Lisa is building.

We asked Lisa to share more of where she was before PRO and about her accomplishments since being in the program:

I’ve been in PRO since August 2023, so almost 6 months.  I have gone through most of the lessons at least once, some of them I’ve watched twice. Since that time, I have more than doubled my following on Instagram. I also launched a lead magnet last month and added 66% more subscribers to my email list.  I feel like all of the advice that I have received has led me to make the changes necessary to find my audience. 

Lisa shared a little more about the transformations she’s had:

I’ve been in business for a long time, but I was just treading water. It wasn’t growing. I knew that I had to change my mindset and do everything that the program offers.  If I didn’t do that, I would never know if this was money well spent or not.

The biggest transformation that I have had is being focused on who my ideal clients are and what they want from Instagram.  I have honed my message with help from the coaches. I have consistently shown up on Instagram and to my email subscribers.  

My workflow has also changed significantly. I’m following the tips and tricks to be able to have consistent posts, reels and now stories over the last few months. 

This consistency has brought me a huge uptick in followers and engagement of those who follow me and those who haven’t followed me yet. 

We love that she brought up a mindset shift. It really is the foundation for positive change. Then defining your messaging and being so super clear about it, calling in your right audience.

We asked Lisa what her favorite tip from PRO that she’s learned, and that others could benefit from:

My favorite tip so far is to use batching of your posts.  This way I spend less time per post to compose scripts, descriptions, hooks and CTA’s. I have more freedom knowing that for the next 2-3 weeks, my posts are ready to go.  I can now spend more time on other business projects. 

What Lisa would say to someone on the fence about joining PRO:

Pro offers so much content. When you are ready to receive the advice and ready to embrace a different  mindset, you will be able to make big strides in your business.  There is the extensive video library that gives you a good foundation, but it is the weekly office hours with the coaches and the weekly PRO call with Sue that gives so much benefit. 

I’ve gained so much confidence in the past 6 months. I don’t worry about being on camera. And I have the support and guidance of my coaches every step along the way.

Highlighting success stories can show someone who’s maybe feeling discouraged or second guessing themselves, that this is possible. No matter your age, your niche, if your selling products, or have a service offering… you can be successful with marketing and growing using Instagram as a tool.

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