Shady TikTok problem has mothers sharing ‘Ugly Child’ pictures

Being cute tanner baby can be harder than you think.

TikTok’s latest trend, the Ugly Baby Challenge, lets mothers flood the app with faces that only a mother could love. Especially photos of their babies in their worst moments – they make fun of themselves by sharing their newborn photos and how ugly they apparently once looked.

Each video follows the same formula: Accompanied by the comical piano track from ABBA’s “Chiquitita”, the women either post a photo of themselves pregnant or with their spouse, with a labeled variation on the question: “Would you tell me if you are ours ? Baby was ugly? “The spouse then basically replies,” Yes, but our child will be beautiful, “which is followed by a quick montage of his baby as a newborn and not so cute appearance.

Not only do the mothers of the children roast them, but TikTok users comment on how they wholeheartedly agree with the mothers – and take the opportunity to make fun of the babies even more. Some of these moms get more than 1 million likes and views.

As the most watched video under the “Ugly Newborn Challenge”, user @arusso_xo received many comments that either agreed with her or assured her that her baby was actually very cute.

“It looks like it’s made of clay.” One TikTok user commented while another said they freaked out from the montage, specifically that “the first picture was scared”. [them]. “

But one baby fan called her offspring “so cute and precious” and was accompanied by another who assured the parents that “he was cute just made strange facial expressions.

Others wanted to share their thoughts with @amberperreria about what famous movie characters they think Amber’s baby looked like. “Gollum, but cute,” one remarked while another added, “Looks like a Baby Grinch in the best way – so smelly cute.”

Meanwhile, @ therossfamily3 had users making fun of their daughter’s looks because viewers thought she looked like an old woman. “How is she 40 years old and 4 months at the same time?” One offered, while another followed: “She only asked me for a cigarette and my change.”

Another commenter even joked: “Yours is already paying rent and everything 😂.”

After @bellamower shared photos of her naughty looking daughter, commentators commented on her demeanor, asking, “So crazy and for what hahaha,” suggesting that Bella’s daughter is targeting her and other viewers, saying, “She’s judging you !! ! 😳 “and” I have the feeling that she is mocking me. “

Some mothers do not even stick to the formula of the trend and only reveal the first impression of their babies.

User @ thewilsonffamily19 featured her newborn twins in a viral video, introducing that she actually cried in horror when she first met her twins.

Mothers who attended said that their babies’ appearance improved over time, and they, well, grew in their looks.

User @arusso_xo posted a follow-up video of her son showing how he grew up and turned into a very “BEAUTIFUL” baby. (Apparently it was just difficult for him during the newborn phase.)

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