September Instagram submit concepts & content material plan (with captions + hashtags)

This week is perfect for bookstagrammers, because there is “Read a Book Day” and “World Literacy Day”.

However, you can also join the holidays if you are not a book blogger.

Monday, September 6th

  • “Day of Reading a Book”
  • Post idea: Share your favorite books or book quotes.
  • Caption Ideas: Use the “Book” prompts in the Preview app for quotes and funny questions to encourage your followers to get more comments.
  • Hashtags: Use the “Book” hashtags in the preview app.

Tuesday September 7th

  • 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ___

Wednesday September 8th

  • “World Literacy Day”
  • Subtitle Ideas: Check out the “Book” prompts in the Preview app.
  • Don’t want to post on books? In the Preview app, choose a prompt for the label Personal, Service-Based Business, or Get Comments.

Thursday September 9th

  • Share a hack (a life hack or hack with a product)

Friday September 10th

  • Roles: join a trend.
  • Check @ for weekly reels trends.

Saturday September 11th

  • Create a “top 5 favorites” list
  • Post ideas:
    • Fashion: 5 favorite accessories, fall outfits, spring outfits, earrings, shoes
    • Food blogger: Top 5 most popular ingredients, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, staples in the pantry
    • Product business: top 5 favorite products, uses of a product, colors
    • Service Business: Top 5 Most Popular Tools, Benefits, Benefits, Tricks,

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