Secret iPhone tips from an ex-Apple employee are blowing TikTok’s thoughts

A former Apple employee who worked at the Genius Bar went on TikTok and revealed all sorts of interesting iPhone tricks. Your videos are full of insightful pointers and there is something new to learn even for experienced iPhone users.

Aside, it is bizarre that Apple should pack so many functions into iOS, but not communicate the full range of capabilities of the iPhone to end users. Instead, iPhone users have to rely on TikTok videos and power users to learn incredible iPhone tricks, but I digress.

Apple employee shares great iPhone tricks

Surprisingly, as often as people use the mail and messaging apps, this trick is not as well known. For example, suppose you want to delete multiple email messages. Instead of selecting each one individually, you can instead put two fingers on the display and drag down. After that, you’ll see an option that allows you to quickly select multiple messages to delete, archive, or move to another folder.

Note that this two-finger technique also works in messages for bulk selection of conversation threads for deletion.

Record a video with music playing in the background

This iPhone trick really blew my mind the first time I stumbled upon it. As anyone who’s recorded a video with an iPhone can confirm, the background music in Spotify or Apple Music will stop automatically when a video recording starts. This is mostly helpful.

However, there are also times when you might want to add your background music to a recording without having to edit it later in an editing app. If you want to record a video with curated music in the background, the solution is simple. After the music you want has played, open the camera app. Now, instead of navigating to the video setting, just press the white shutter button and slide your finger to the right.

As you can see, the button changes to a red “Record” button when you drag your finger to the edge of the display. When you release your finger, the video will be recorded while the background music continues to play.

Find out which song is playing with ease

It’s relatively easy to use Shazzam to find out what song is playing. But there is actually a more seamless alternative worth mentioning.

As can be seen in the video below, it is possible to add a music detection option to the control center. Once added, all you have to do is swipe to get the control center up and running and tap the Shazzam logo.


Finding a song is now even easier … 😌 #iphonetricks #geniusbar #apple # ios14 #applemusic # part10

♬ Up Beat (married life) – Kenya

This is definitely an iPhone trick that music lovers should watch out for.

Drag and drop files between apps

This is a new feature that Apple added iOS 15. Users can finally drag files from one app to another. As shown below, you can easily drag a photo from the Photos app directly into the Mail app.

Using cross-app drag and drop on iPhone in iOS 15. Finally 🎉 # WWDC21

– Federico Viticci (@viticci) June 7, 2021

Finally, you definitely want to check out this list of iOS 15 features that you may not know about.

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