Scholar’s Baking TikTok for College Venture Goes Viral

What started as an assignment for a college student’s marketing class has resulted in a now-viral video on TikTok that has garnered more than 750,000 views since it was posted.

Taylor Thomas posted a video of herself decorating a Valentine’s Day cake on the @taysbakeshop TikTok account. She explains that she’s in her final semester of college and taking a social media marketing class. One of the tasks, Thomas says, is to set up and manage a new social media account.

“I decided to create a TikTok account dedicated to my baking,” she says.

In her voiceover, Thomas explains that she is decorating a cake in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. She jokes about the irony of the cake theme, saying it was her least favorite holiday.

“I’ll probably end up spending it doing my homework and buying flowers,” she says, laughing, before encouraging viewers to comment on how they’re going to spend Valentine’s Day.

“If you enjoyed this video please give it a like. I’m really trying to get an A in this class.”

The result is a dessert with dripped chocolate on the sides, sprinkles on the bottom, and a red, pink, and white ombre frosting. Chocolate covered strawberries and rosettes topped the finished cake.

A student posted a video on TikTok as part of her College Markets class, and it went viral. Above is a stock image of a pink cake.

Viewers were thrilled to see the finished dessert and wished her the best of luck in class.

“Get the A Babe!” TikTok commenter Chloedaum wrote.

“Yes, but you understood the task,” Angelicaxomae commented.

A viewer spoke encouraging words and a shooting tip for the next video.

Popular baking brand Betty Crocker, verified on TikTok, also commented on the clip. “LOVE,” gushed the company’s account, complete with a heart-eyed emoji.

Since this clip was posted, Thomas has posted two more videos, this time showing her decorating sugar cookies. She also asked her new followers what content they wanted to see.

She said she would be working on videos showing some recipes in addition to her decorating videos.

The @taysbakeshop TikTok account has three videos at the time of publication and Thomas has earned more than 21,000 followers.

Newsweek has reached out to Thomas for comment.

Food and baking videos are popular on the video sharing platform. At the time of publication, videos with the hashtag “baking” on TikTok had more than 14 billion total views.

“TikTok’s flexible editing format enables creative chefs to create step-by-step video recipe tutorials that are easy to follow and visually delicious,” reads an article published in Mediakix. “Most of the cooking trends that are gaining popularity are simple, easy-to-prepare concoctions with an artistic twist.”

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