Schedule Instagram Tales in Preview App

Think of your story group as an album or folder. Add the Instagram Stories to your group that you want to share right away. If you want to publish them at different times, press “+” again to create another group.

You can create a number of different story groups.

SHE choose how SHE want to organize your stories.

For example, you can have groups for:

  • Different stories that you want to post at different times of the day
  • Every day of the week
  • Campaigns
  • Starts
  • Specific photos or videos
  • Different products or services
  • An event
  • Setbacks
  • Accounts you want to use
  • Quotes you want to share
  • Posts you want to republish
  • Backgrounds that you might want to add text with later

I am sure you already have some ideas.

As you can see, other options are available:

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