Revolutionary South Florida instructor incorporates TikTok to her elementary faculty classes

DAVIE, Florida. – A Cuban of Scottish descent who grew up in Hialeah has been teaching for more than a decade. The innovator’s experiment to increase student engagement has proven hugely successful.

Natalie Stuart’s third grade students at Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School in Davie know how much she enjoys sharing a good dance rhythm during her class. When one of them wanted to show her a fun dance on TikTok, she had an idea.

“I realized that this is a platform for me. It allowed me to express my creativity, ”said Stuart.

Stuart, who had dreamed of doing broadcast journalism as a child and loved to do makeup, decided to incorporate a social media strategy into distance learning. And when her students returned to the classroom, she included them in her productions.

About two years after setting up her TikTok account, the innovative educator continues to reach beyond her classroom. Your @ nattiemeetsworld account has more than 298,000 followers. With more than 8.1 million likes, their commitment is exceptional.


Her students aren’t the only ones enjoying her Happy Friday dance videos. Her colleagues recently awarded her the “Teacher of the Year” award. Angine Tyghter, the headmistress at Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School, said she was proud of Stuart.

“That’s more than cool! It’s inspiring, ”said Tyghter.

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