Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Curler goes viral on TikTok: Here is why

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The Revlon Oil-Absobing Volcanic Roller from TikTok – (Images via TikTok / LooksByLexington / MimiQTran / Jessligriffn)

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TikTok has become a destination to find out more about the latest and greatest beauty products. The social media platform is filled with millions of videos of everyday users giving their unfiltered opinions on products ranging from the latest in luxury beauty to affordable drugstore dupes.

One TikTok-approved product that has gained viral following is Revlon’s volcanic oil-absorbing roller, which you can find on Amazon Canada for $ 16.

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller -Amazon, $ 16 (originally $ 18)

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller -Amazon, $ 16 (originally $ 18)

SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 16 (originally $ 18)

What is it?

The volcanic oil absorbing roller is an efficient alternative to blotting papers that use volcanic stone to quickly and easily remove excess oil from the face. The roller can be disassembled with a simple twist to clean it with a gentle facial cleanser and warm water.

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The Volcanic Roller is an easy way to remove oil from the T-zone and forehead, whether you are naked or wearing makeup. A few strokes over the problem areas will instantly remove the oil and prevent the pores from clogging.

what are people saying

The Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller has not only garnered millions of likes on TikTok, but has also received a lot of praise from Amazon buyers. The handy gadget currently has more than 12,400 customer reviews and a 4.2-star rating from buyers who have seen dramatic results with just a few quick passes of the roller.

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“I’m not ashamed to say I saw this on TikTok and just had to try,” wrote one shopper. “I’ve always had oily skin, with or without makeup. I’m amazed how well it works! It’s the perfect size and I love that you can only buy it once and keep washing. I love it!”

The story goes on

“I saw this on TikTok and had to try it out! It’s small and portable and fits snugly in my makeup bag. I have a combination with oily skin and I usually use it at lunchtime to delve into and it does the job.” Another wrote, “It’s easy to clean (I use my detergent to wash it) and dries quickly. Instead of using a facial blotter or two, I can run this over my face and get the job done. Less that way wasteful. “

Some buyers complained that if they used the roller too often while wearing makeup, part of the product would be removed. Others have recommended saving blotting papers if you have very oily skin to protect yourself from washing the roller after each use.

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“I bought [the Volcanic Roller] after seeing it on TikTok for both my roommate and myself. I really like that it’s less wasteful [than blotting papers]. If you are super oily I can’t say this is the best because once you’ve rolled the ball around and it absorbs the oil, you need to clean it, “remarked one buyer.” I’ll say it works very well (how amazingly well) and is easy to clean, but unfortunately not a complete replacement. “


Revlon’s Volcanic Oil Absorbing Roller is an affordable beauty hack that can help improve the look of your skin if you have lightly oily or combination skin and need a pick-me-up at lunchtime. At $ 16, this is a low risk investment if you’re looking for something to add to your morning skin regimen or keep handy in your makeup bag and don’t like the thought of buying multiple packs of blotting paper.

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