Regardless of ban, TikTok turns into highest grossing app globally in 2020

New Delhi, Despite India’s ban and ongoing US litigation, the Chinese short video app TikTok became the world’s top-selling app in 2020 with $ 540 million in revenue, followed by the dating app Tinder with sales of $ 513 million. Dollar.

According to data released by app analytics firm Apptopia, YouTube ranked third at $ 478 million, followed by Disney + at $ 314 million and Tencent Video at $ 300 million in 2020.

The Netflix app was ranked 10th with worldwide sales of $ 209 million.

“All data is combined with iOS + Google Play, with the exception of data from China, which is only iOS. If an app has a ‘Lite’ version, this data is included in the data of the respective app”, it says in a statement from the company.

TikTok was also the most downloaded app in 2020 at 850 million, followed by WhatsApp with 600 million and Facebook with 540 million downloads worldwide.

Instagram, also a Facebook family app, ranked fourth with 503 million downloads and Zoom fifth with 477 million downloads in a pandemic-stricken year when video calls were paramount to millions of people.


Facebook Messenger was sixth in the top 10 with 404 million downloads.

“Unfortunately, there are no real surprises here. Four of the apps are owned by Facebook. Newcomers include Zoom and Google Meet, so we can hold remote meetings,” the company said.

“TikTok isn’t a surprise up here on either list,” he added.

“The last three apps on the global list were largely downloaded in the second half of 2020 as TikTok was banned in India. MX TakaTak, Josh Videos and Moj are also popular short-form social video apps in India,” the company said .

However, 2021 could have a different listing, with millions avoiding WhatsApp because of its new policy of either giving their consent to share data with Facebook or losing their accounts after February 8, as rivals Telegram and Signal see a significant surge in new users have recorded.

With around 500 million users and growing growth, Telegram has become a major problem for the Facebook company.


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