Realtors use TikTok as new advertising and marketing device in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Local realtors are using TikTok to close deals and raise awareness of the Nashville real estate market.

Summer Edeen said posting videos on TikTok helped her find new clients.

“The response has been amazing, and I think what really works is that we bring a humanity to the real estate business,” Edeen said.

Summer and her boyfriend Josh Sweat work at RE/MAX Advantage’s Ashton Real Estate Group.

“This town is exploding,” Edeen said.

Sweat makes TikToks to showcase investment properties.

“And that’s the cool thing about TikTok, I also post my flip videos, and actually one of the people commenting on my video said, ‘Hey, I’m at your house right now, checking it out,'” Sweat said. “Was one of the ones we flipped so it’s cool because we can connect and I had a message on Instagram from someone yesterday regarding some houses they need to sell.”

Check out the before and after photos at one of his homes in East Nashville. Now it’s under contract.

josh sweat

In front


Alexandra Kohn


“We listed it for $650,000 and we bought it for, I think, as low as $300,000,” Sweat said, “and are trying to remodel all areas of Nashville.”

You can follow Summer on TikTok @hellosummeredeen and Josh @joshuasweat1.

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