Radio Stations Name For Discount Of Broadcast Levy


The organization representing Ireland’s Independent Radio Broadcasters, of which Clare FM is a member, is calling for a reduction in the broadcast levy.

Clare FM briefed a number of public representatives from this county on several issues relevant to independent radio earlier this week.

The event was held as the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill, which will provide for the establishment of a new media regulator, makes its way through the Oireachtas.

Speaking following the event, Clare FM Chief Executive Ronan McManamy said “Local media, press, and radio, provides a hugely important service to the people of Clare and this was especially true during the pandemic. We need support from all our political representatives to ensure that our businesses remain viable, and this legislation provides an important opportunity to implement some of that change.”

He added that the response of TD’s and Senators at the event was encouraging.

“There is a clear understanding among politicians that local media is under pressure and that steps need to be taken, including the reduction of the Broadcast Levy, so that our important contribution can be maintained in the face of unprecedented disruption as a result of multinational online and social media platforms,” Mr McManamy concluded.

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