Put in your turtleneck and blazer, TikTok star Your Pal Austin is right here!

The actor, musician and TikTok star Austin Archer shares the quote: “Film becomes art only when its materials are as cheap as pencil and paper.” -Jean Cocteau. He continues, “Obviously an iPhone and ring light cost a considerable amount more than a pencil and paper, but the whole point is the tools required to create content that could potentially be consumed and enjoyed by millions of people .

It used to be that to “make it” in show business you had to leave the city you came from and go to where the industry was central (NY, LA, Nashville, Chicago, etc.) We live in the era of new media. We live in a time where anyone, anywhere, can write, produce, stage, and publish original content from their bedroom if they want, and millions of people, including me, do just that. When you have a phone and an idea, have it you a chance. “

We chat with Austin about his hit TikTok video, “Turtleneck and Blazer,” which has received over 900,000 views and counts. How it came to be, what’s in one of these videos, advice for budding creators, and more. Fans also love his Mr. Brightside / Fresh Prince mash-up with over 355,000 views on TikTok.

However, this professional actor and musician is a well-rounded artist. His new album “Beautiful Things” is streamed everywhere and can be purchased at austinarchermusic.bandcamp.com

Find Austin on Twitter @yourpal_austin, TikTok @yourpal_austin and IG @yourpal_austin

Deena Marie Manzanares is from Utah but lived in NYC for a few years when she attended the Atlantic Theater Company drama school. She has been working on site as a professional actress for years, both on stage and in film.

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