PSG will adjust to FFP rules regardless of Messi signing – Nasser Al-Khelaifi

Nasser Al-Khelaifi firmly believes that Paris Saint-Germain will comply with financial fair play regulations despite the arrival of Lionel Messi.

Messi was officially introduced as a PSG player on Tuesday following his shock-free transfer from Barcelona. Despite the missing transfer fee, The Athletic understands that it will still be an expensive transfer for the French giant.

Messi, 34, is believed to receive an entry fee of € 25 million and has signed a two-year contract with a net salary of € 25 million per year.

The deal includes an option for a third year for the same price.

However, PSG President Al-Khelaifi doesn’t believe PSG will run the risk of breaking FFP after signing the 34-year-old.

When asked about this, he said: “I’ve been waiting for this question. For us, as I said, we always adhere to the FFP regulation from day one. We will always comply with the regulation.

“We always look at things with our commercial and financial people, we’ve seen that we were able to sign him. If not, we wouldn’t have signed him. What Leo will bring to the club is enormous.

“That’s what you need to focus on as media, not just the negative side but the positive, commercially, in terms of social media, the club is growing in three days, every single part of the club.

“Later we will give you a few numbers and you will be shocked. I hope Leo won’t ask for more salary, but we will always comply with the financial fair play rule.”

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