PRC curbs Taiwan actors’ TikTok

  • By William Hetherington / Author, with CNA

Taiwanese actors Kevin Lin (林瑞陽) and his wife, Ting Chang (張庭), who live in China, have restricted their accounts with Sina Weibo and TikTok, local media reported yesterday.

Authorities are investigating allegations of financial fraud against Lin, the Central News Agency (CNA) said.

Chang, who uses her TikTok account to market products, was banned from doing business on the platform due to activities that “violate TikTok’s community guidelines,” the report said, citing a notification the platform.

Photo: Hu Shun-hsiang, Taipei Times

The couple are accused of having resold products at a multiple of their original value through their company, Shanghai Daerwei Trading Co (上 海达威 贸易 有限公司).

The Shijiazhuang city government investigated whether Shanghai Daerwei is doing tiered marketing in June last year.

Another investigation last month resulted in authorities freezing 600 million yuan ($ 94.4 million) of the company’s assets, Chinese media said.

In their most recent posts to Sina Weibo on Wednesday last week, Lin and Chang said the company only conducts lawful business practices and has paid all taxes due.

They said they would cooperate with the investigation.

At the top of the actors’ main page of Sina Weibo accounts, there is now a message in Chinese that says, “This account has been banned from posting for violating the law.”

The restriction notice on Chang’s TikTok account stated that the restrictions should remain in effect until Sunday next week.

China regularly restricts or closes the social media accounts of internet celebrities who are under investigation, CNA said.

“Viya has closed both their WeChat and TikTok accounts,” the report said, referring to social media influencer Huang Wei (黃薇), known by the stage name Viya (薇婭), the latest Month fined 1.34 billion yuan for alleged. was convicted of tax evasion.

Viya, who regularly advertises high-priced items online, is known in China as the “queen of live streaming”.

“When Chinese online celebrities face account restrictions, they will usually disappear from the internet entirely. In the worst case, they will end up in jail, ”CNA quoted a Chinese social media account commenting on China’s entertainment industry.

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