Police in Wash. state warn of ‘harmful’ Tiktok problem

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KPTV/Gray News) – A social media challenge is causing trouble in Washington state.

Police say the challenge, which asks people to kick down doors of unsuspecting homeowners, took place at least seven times in a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood in less than an hour Wednesday night.

Matthew Trimble told KPTV a neighbor called him to let him know after someone tried it on him.

“I called my wife Dani and told her to brace the door with the chair and I’ll come home as soon as possible,” he said.

Police shared a photo of an older, dark-colored sedan with chrome wire wheels from surveillance video. They said in most cases it was teenagers who committed the crime.

Searching “Door Kick Challenge” on TikTok can find videos from months ago. Many of them appear to be in dormitories, and only a few of them can people actually kick in the door.

But when he asked TikTok what’s happening in Vancouver, a spokesperson told KPTV, “While we haven’t seen this trend on our platform, we expect our community to responsibly create and remove content that encourages vandalism and other criminal activity.” .”

Officials and neighbors said they were concerned about how people might react if caught in their own homes.

“It’s just really unsafe for these kids, like if you kick the wrong door, you could face deadly force,” Trimble said.

Police encourage parents to talk to their children about this challenge and warn them how dangerous it can be.

Vancouver Police are asking anyone with information or who knows who is responsible to call them.

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