Plus-sized TikTok influencer movies lady laughing at her on the gymnasium

A social media influencer revealed how she was mocked while shooting a video at the gym.

Bethy Red, who claims to be “an oversized woman trying to make the world more accepting,” recorded the encounter and posted it on TikTok.

The clip begins with Red in her workout clothes fixing her hair in the mirror of a studio.

Then the voice of another woman can be heard asking her: “Girl, what are you doing? Do you make videos of yourself? “

Red then turns around and answers: “Yes?” To which the woman replies in disbelief: “Are you? Well why? For your own documentation or what? “

The TikToker then explains that she is filming for her blog, which makes the unknown intruder laugh.

Then the woman packs up her things and as she leaves she says: “Well, have fun” and laughs again.

Red reacted calmly to the unsolicited comments

(@ bethyred / TikTok)

Red’s clip received more than 5.6 million views and 930,000 likes in just two days as other users of the platform rushed to condemn the woman’s behavior.

“You just know that she was a ‘mean girl’ in high school and never outgrew or evolved out of the mean girl phase”[ed] a personality, ”wrote one.

“That is [a] misogynist microaggression and them [knew] exactly what she did. Your intention was to make you feel insecure, ”commented another.

“She goes to the gym because she hates herself. You go because you love yourself. That’s the only difference that matters, ”wrote a third.

Meanwhile, dozens of users wanted to know why Red had protected the woman’s identity by covering her with a large white square in the video.

One begged, “Please take off the large white square. EXHIBIT THEM. This behavior is abhorrent and we cannot protect such people. “

Another asked: “Girlie, why did you delete / hide it? You did NOTHING wrong to expose them. That’s why [people] how she thinks they can get away with it [because] we leave them! “

And a third said, “The fact that you protect her identity after she treats you says a lot about your character. She doesn’t deserve it, but you’re a good person. “

The TikToker asked its followers to stop their witch hunt

(@ bethyred / TikTok)

In response to the comments, Red stated in a follow-up clip that she posted an uncensored version of the original video but removed it after a number of women were mistakenly identified as abusive strangers.

In a caption she pleaded with her supporters: “PLEASE stop looking for the person !! Many innocent people receive death threats and hate messages for free! “

She reached out to her followers and said, “I didn’t know TikTok was that intense, and when people said ‘pull them up’ and ‘beat them up’ I thought people were kidding.”

She insisted that “the point of the video was that when someone was being mean to you, for whatever reason, show empathy and kindness.”

“That’s a bigger win for you,” she added.

In a separate comment she emphasized: “Do you know who you are! You are more [than] just a body and how you look. “

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