‘Out of the Field’ Hosts Reunite for TikTok Duet of ‘The Goodbye Track’

TikTok brought together two unforgettable faces for kids of the 90s this week – Tony James and Vivian Bayubay from Out of the Box. The two presenters of the children’s show made a duet video on TikTok in which they sang “The Goodbye Song” together. Even after all these years, their timing and harmonies were perfect together.

James started with a video in which he drummed on a cardboard box and sang his part of “The Goodbye Song” as he did at the end of the show from 1998-2004. Bayubay followed suit a few days later, adding her part, including some ambitious harmonies and the percussive snapping of her fingers and clapping of her hands. The video received over 500,000 likes and over 29,000 comments on TikTok as more and more users are finding those numbers from their childhood on the social media app.

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♬ Original sound – Tony James

“You have no idea how much I needed this today,” commented one fan. “I had the hardest week of my life. I prayed for a touch of joy and that was it.” Another person added, “I’m 30 years old … I’m 30 years old … I can control my emotions … * weeps and screams with you. *”

Both James and Bayubay are relative newbies to TikTok and only joined the app weeks ago. However, for those who grew up with out of the box, they are unforgettable. The two moderated the children’s show together for six years and led the audience through games, handicrafts, singing along and stories. Generally every episode ended with “The Goodbye Song”.

Out of the Box was broadcast on Playhouse Disney in the United States and is based on a series of books by the author Douglas Love. Love Executive produced the TV show well, and the painted cardboard clubhouse set known as “The Box” was built in a New York studio.

Out of the Box is now experiencing some resurgence as it’s included in Disney +. Some who grew up with the show revisit or share it with the kids in their lives. Others just dive in as adults to see a full repetition.

Both James and Bayubay are best known for Out of the Box to this day, though they have other high profile projects up their sleeves as well. James continues to work on music and perform in bands that appear on television, at award shows, or on late night television. Meanwhile, Bayubay has been active on Instagram with content that isn’t dissimilar out of the box – craft ideas, tutorials, and sing-alongs.

Out of the Box is now streamed on Disnye +.

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