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Pune, May 21, 2021: Symbiosis Law School in Pune is proud to offer a One Day National Virtual Round Table Regulating Social & Digital Media Platforms and OTT in India, in cooperation with the Symbiosis Institute for Media and Communication (SCMC), Pune, the Symbiosis Institute for Media and Communication, Pune (SIMC), the Symbiosis Institute for Digital and Telecommunication Management (SIDTM), Pune, on May 22, 2021 at the 11 at the IST through Zoom platform.

This interdisciplinary roundtable aims at the Information technology rules (interim guidelines and code of ethics for digital media) 2021 to regulate social media and OTT (digital media) platforms. This enriching interdisciplinary discourse is intended to stimulate consultation on the extremely relevant rules of information technology (interim guidelines and code of ethics for digital media) from 2021. It offers opportunities for improved research skills, future collaborations and joint publications. In addition to raising awareness, recommendations for reform are summarized.

The event begins with the opening ceremony at 11:00 a.m. and is welcomed by DR. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International (recognized as a university), DR. Rajni Gupte, Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis International University, Pune; DR. Shashikala Gurpur, Fulbright Scholar, Director SLS, Pune and Dean, Faculty of Law, SI (DU), Mr. Hitesh Jain, Managing Partner, Parinam Law Associates, MS. Alpa Golcha, Creative Producer, Amazon Prime, DR. Ruchi Jaggi, Director of the Symbiosis Institute for Media and Communication, DR. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan, Professor, Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication, Mr. Vishal Jain, Partner, Deloitte and Mr. Dominic Dsouza, Former Vice President, Zee and Star and Legal Team DR. CA. Abhijit Chirputkar, Director of the Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management (SIDTM), Pune.

The opening will be followed by a plenary session, two panel discussions and a paper presentation. The plenary session will highlight the Managing Partner’s address by Mr. Hitesh Jain, Parinam Law Associates, on OTT Regulations: New Legal and Political Dimensions.

The plenary session will be followed by the first panel on “Deciphering the legal framework for OTT platforms: Effects on creativity and content”. The panel discussion will be characterized by the presence of well-known speakers such as Ms. Alpa Golcha, creative producer at Amazon Prime. Dominic Dsouza, former Vice President, Legal of Zee and Star, and Dr. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan, Director SCMC, Pune.

The second panel deals with the subject of “Law and Politics in relation to Social Media Agents: Perspectives and Challenges”. The panel discussion will be characterized by the presence of distinguished speakers such as Vishal Jain, Partner, Deloitte. Mr. Dominic Dsouza; Former Vice President, Legal of Zee and Star and Dr. Ramamurthy Venkateswaran, Professor, SIDTM, Pune.

The panel discussions will be followed by presentations by speakers from various national universities, academics and students from law schools and universities across India on a variety of topics related to digital media regulation. Research will focus on topics such as censorship in digital media, the right to privacy in the digital domain, content regulation, and ethics and artificial intelligence in automated censorship. The paper presentations are designed to encourage participants to address current issues related to media platforms, develop the spirit of research, and at the same time contribute to the discourse.

Event date: May 22, 2021

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