Olaplex, Bissell, and viral must-haves

With new items trending every second, the clock can tick when it comes to getting your hands on some of TikTok’s most viral must-haves.

While the app may be a breeding ground for hacks, dance trends, and viral cooking creations, it’s also worth checking out before buying, as there’s a good chance someone on TikTok knows about the product they’re looking for – and may have tried one whole range of other products you never knew you needed.

From hair care hacks like Olaplex and a scalp massager to affordable fashion finds like a pair of 14kt gold earrings and trendy tennis skirts, the app really has it all.

Make-up and clothing also enjoyed great popularity in the app, boosting drugstore items such as the L’Oreal Paris powder foundation and the Maybelline Sky High Mascara lash lift, to name a few. The biggest trend, however, which apparently is still going strong, has been the SEASUM leggings, now dubbed the “scrunch butt leggings” and sold by a variety of retailers (and now in shorts, perfect for a crumpled summer) .

TikTok advertises products from all over the internet, but by far the most popular shopping site is Amazon. This makes shopping even easier, especially for Prime members, as it allows you to download items from your favorite beauty, skin care, fashion, and home videos videos in one place and get your items in the time it takes to check out a few more TikToks .

While you certainly don’t need a gallon of Olaplex like the one in the video above, this is what your hair is begging for when you check out Amazon’s smaller listings.

The best-selling item from the Olaplex collection is the No. 3 Repairing Treatment, which aims to repair frizzy and dry hair through heat treatments and all the other stresses on your hair face.

Check out the @dermdoctor and pick up some products from The Ordinary.

Amazon makes it even easier as it sells a three-piece set for $ 40, including the Exfoliating Solution, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and Glycolic Acid Serum. If you want the same Salicylic Acid 2% Masque from the video that is also available on Amazon for just $ 19.98 with one day shipping for Prime members.

CeraVe, prices vary

Save yourself the trip to the drugstore for your favorites from CeraVe and shop for the trendy lotions and skin care products on Amazon.

They have their own page on Amazon, and you can browse best sellers, moisturizers, and even skin care kits for a complete CeraVe routine.

This is both Paula’s choice and the internet’s choice for a must-have skin care product.

As the video shows, Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid salicylic acid scrub is now also available at Sephora, but if you purchase this item it will likely be easier to add to your Amazon cart. Plus, Prime members can get free one-day shipping.

The patches are small, but their following is powerful.

Might Patch and other acne patches have exploded on TikTok as there is nothing more stressful than a pandemic and mask. The viral brand is now selling on Amazon, where you can get 36 patches for just $ 12.50 and free shipping with Prime.

Take your skin care routine global and use some eastern medicine tips and tricks for a gaudy jaw and defined facial features.

The jade rolls and guasha videos on TikTok have exploded explaining how to use them for lymph drainage, as well as instructional videos on the history and culture of the practice. Get your own set on Amazon, complete with a roller and gua sha stone, then learn about the traditional skin care method.

This one is not for the faint of heart or the feet.

If you can handle the peeling like a snake, check out the viral foot scrub found on TikTok and now sold on Amazon. The Plantifique brand launched after this video garnered over 9.8 million likes and showed her entire foot peeling off in the coming days and weeks to reveal baby-soft skin underneath, perfect for flip-flop season.

It’s no longer a secret that this clay mask is a versatile must-have.

The Aztec Secret Mask can be used on your face, body and even your hair as in the video above, with silky smooth results. For sensitive skin, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and also mix with apple cider vinegar for best results.

Never say no to a massage, especially if it makes the hair look amazing.

As recommended by @mattloveshair and the rest of the internet, the small scrubbing scalp massager is used in the shower to evenly distribute and lather shampoo and remove debris and debris in one scrubbing process. Plus, it feels great and is a super cheap way to pamper yourself every time you bathe.

Turn off the TikTok and grab your rackets because tennis rock season has begun.

The Amazon skirt can be styled in a number of different ways, not just for the court as seen in the video above. Best of all, the skirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, including the basics of white, black, and lavender, as well as fun designs like plaid and polka dots.

If you don’t want to spend $ 160 on the original pearl necklace, this dupe is for you.

While there are many to choose from, as seen in the TikTok above, the closest thing to the designer’s Happy Go Lucky necklace on Amazon actually bears the same name. What is not the same is the price as this beaded choker is only $ 24 and looks like a real deal.

It’s official – those cell phone charms from the 2000s and on your old clamshell phones are back – and endorsed by celebrities and TikTok.

Follow the trend yourself and grab a six pack of the pearl pendants that look exactly like the ones worn by the celebrities in the TikTok above. Choose from a few designs, each with some sort of pearl, pearl, and rainbow combination that you can go nuts or share with friends.

This trend is so bright that you have to wear sunglasses.

For summer, get a two-pack of this season’s hottest hues. The rectangular lenses exude an early 2000’s vibe, but the fun lens colors and designs bring them right back into Gen Z fashion in the here and now. The shades sold on Amazon come in a number of color and style combinations, and for under $ 20 for two pairs, you can’t go wrong.

Get a dupe of Hailey Bieber’s go-to gold hoops for a fraction of the price on Amazon. A yellow gold color, they’re light enough to wear all day without discomfort and are hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. They come in three sizes and also a variety of colors, including silver and rose gold, for under $ 14 each.

Get yourself down and dirty, here’s a cleaning hack you need to see to believe.

Good thing TikTok users recorded their insane results with the Bissell Little Green Machine, showing the before and after of cars, couches and carpets, and then swirling to the dark brown liquid sucked up by the magical little vacuum. The Bissell Cleaner sold on Amazon also pledges to donate up to $ 10 to the Bissell Pet Foundation for every pet product purchase upon activation.

If you’ve seen this stuff all over TikTok but never knew the name of this pink stuff, now you know.

Stardrops’ Pink Stuff is a cleaning putty that can buff almost anything from dirty stoves, as seen in the video above, to car headlights and colored pencil drawings on the walls. And for less than $ 10 on Amazon and free shipping for Prime members in a day, what have you got to lose other than dirt and grime?

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