Nostalgic Scots TikTok reveals outdated children road video games like Kerby and Chappie earlier than sport consoles

A Scottish TikTok video provides a fun reminder of all of the street games that most Scottish children played in the days before game consoles and cell phones.

TikTokker Jason Hood, 32, made the fun clip on the social media website, and it’s a nostalgic look back at some of the ways kids can spend the time hanging out on the street.

The clip reminds us of mischievous activities like “Chap Door Runaway”, “Garden Runs” and “Doing the Hedges” and also features games like “Pitchie” and “Kerby” that are familiar to anyone growing up in Scotland.

Jason shows off his kerby skills.

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Jason from Edinburgh joked that he was reminded of her after jogging and that all games were games he’d played as a teenager. He said, “I wasn’t a grown up angel, but I’ve screwed my head on a little more now.” that I have three children of my own. “

He added that he’s still a little immature, stating that he loves making people smile with his clips, and regularly shares comedy videos through his @ Jasper_2038 accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

The clip now had over 10,000 likes, and fans flocked to highlight their own names for the games and add a few more.

One user pointed out that although Jason calls it the “Tap Door Run”, he was known as “Chappie” or “Chap Door Run” in Glasgow or “Chickenelly” elsewhere.

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Others referred to “Garden Runs” as “The Grand National” while one or two called it “Skippy”.

While “Pitchie” had the most alternative names with “Coinsy”, “Jingles” suggested “Chippy” and “Dinks”.

Other nostalgic games mentioned were British Bulldogs and Manhunt.

However, it seemed to bring back a lot of fond memories, added one user: “Great times, kids these days have no clue.”

While another wrote, “Best TikTok I’ve seen. Respect brother for bringing back some amazing memories.”

Do you remember those games? What was their name, where are you from?

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