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EXCLUSIVE: TikTok’s impact on young audiences is a known fact, but the social network just released a new report detailing how this signature trait has made it increasingly attractive to Hollywood.

In a new blog post titled “The Future of Entertainment Marketing,” the company, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, reports a series of statistics. Aside from streaming, TikTok was named the No. 1 activity for U.S. entertainment viewers 18 and over when they have an hour, according to the GoodQues TikTok Entertainment Study of 2021. The same survey found that 58% of TikTok users called themselves “interested” or “very interested” in seeing more studio content on the platform. And 69% of users also co-created content related to a show or movie.

“A year or a year and a half ago, we were a platform that was definitely worth trying out,” said Nikao Yang, Vertical Director of Gaming and Entertainment, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, in an interview with Deadline. “Now we are really a must. Before that, we were part of the conversation. Now we are driving the conversation forward. “

The by-product of that conversation is what the company calls “community-generated entertainment.” Unlike passive TV viewers or visitors to other digital hubs, TikTok users tend to be more active participants, shaping their experience and building close bonds with like-minded users. The story of how TikTok came about is participatory: Its previous incarnation was the music video lip-syncing app Today Yang said, “It’s not just singing or dancing. We’re building more complete communities. ”Medicine, education, nutrition and parenting are increasingly dynamic industries, he noted.

TikTok, a division of privately owned, China-based tech company ByteDance, has been scrutinized by the US government over concerns that user data is being controlled by Chinese officials. (The company says the fears are unfounded and that US user data will be stored in the US) A previous offer to build a bridge to Hollywood failed in 2020 when former Disney executive Kevin Mayer agreed to be CEO Board to come, but then after only three years went months. Last spring, Shouzi Chew, CFO of ByteDance, became CEO of TikTok and former YouTube manager, and TikTok veteran Vanessa Pappas became COO after a stint as interim boss.

One reason for Mayer’s U-turn was that the administration of former President Donald Trump had tried to force the company to sell to a US corporation. It had even negotiated a deal with Oracle and Walmart. However, that transaction failed after TikTok took successful legal action. Since Joe Biden took office, the government’s stance has been to study security issues more carefully before determining any course of action.

With this intrigue in mind, TikTok’s user base has grown steadily, and studios see it as an important addition to Twitter, Instagram, and other social and digital platforms. Sony mobilized TikTok as part of its campaign for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which defied the pandemic and became one of the top blockbusters of all time.

Jeffrey God sick, the studios EVP, on Global Partnerships and Brand Management, said TikTok has “huge audiences, but it’s more than that. They have an audience that wants to ingest things through content, and that works for us because we do. We create content. “

For No Way Home, the studio tried to implement a basic principle outlined by Godsick: “To be authentic, you have to act as a creator, not an advertiser.” One of the ways Sony attempted this was by setting up a version of the Daily Bugle (the fictional newspaper Peter Parker works in) as a live target on the platform. There was also Michael Le, who posts popular TikToks as “@justmaiko”, a walk-in role in the film. While being bound by standard confidentiality agreements during production, he was able to start sharing his perspective on set a few days before the opening weekend.

Along with Universal’s pitch for Sing 2, Yang said the Spider-Man campaign used a core element of the service. “A fundamental aspect of TikTok is that it was designed for co-creation,” he said. In particular, three functions seem to excite the user communities around film and television titles, he said. The Stitch and Duet options allow users to interact more directly with content. Users can also reply with video. According to a report in TechCrunch last week, TikTok is also testing a new “Repost” button that would work similarly to Twitter’s re-tweet feature.

While the company hasn’t released any advertising revenue figures, its ambitions are clearly to stand side by side with other digital providers in a booming advertising market. Tik Tok participated in the NewFronts, an annual showcase for online outlets and streamers. A recent Kantar study found that the number of consumers exposed to ads on TikTok almost doubled from 19% in 2020 to 37% last year.

One of Sony’s main calls to action on TikTok and other media outlets was to see Spider-Man in a movie theater, where it will run exclusively for the first few weeks after its release. “That was part of everything we did,” said Godsick.

Even at levels below the stratospheric level of No Way Home, the “entertainment loop” described in TikTok’s new report could be a hopeful sign for pandemic cinemas. In the company’s formulation, users who discover new content on TikTok see it on TV and in theaters, and then return to TikTok, where they collaborate on what they have just seen. This jointly created content is then widely disseminated. This loop, the company said, represents “a tremendous opportunity for entertainment marketers to engage audiences on an incredible scale.”

In a survey in July 2021 of active TikTok users aged 18 and over, 41% said that when they discover a new film on the platform, they look for a cinema to see it in. That’s more than the 28% who said they were looking for a streaming service to watch it on. These expressions of interest also lead to conversions. 26% of respondents said they buy tickets as soon as they watch a movie they want to see.

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