Nikki Health apologises for mocking harmless gymgoer in viral TikTok

A health coach and fitness TikToker named Nikki Montesanti, known online as Nikki Fitness, was recently called out on social media for shaming an innocent gym-goer.

After receiving tons of backlash online, the creator took to Instagram and TikTok to apologize for her seemingly unkind content.

Here we examine the situation and find out what viewers had to say about it.

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Nikki Fitness mocks innocent gym-goers in viral TikTok

Nikki Montesanti, a fitness TikTok creator with the username @nikkii_fitness, recently responded to a gym-based video that unintentionally featured someone working out in the background of the clip.

The subject was shown performing a drag curl, a move that helps strengthen bicep muscles.

Clearly unfamiliar with the exercise, Nikki Fitness used the green screen TikTok filter to point to and mock the workout routine as she sneered:

“What do you think he’s doing? What do you think he works? I do not know it either.”

Backlash triggered on social media

In response to her ridiculous comments, Nikki Fitness received a lot of backlash on the short-form video platform and has now deleted the original upload.

A TikToker named Alia Jess suggested that Nikki’s behavior is “one of the many reasons people are afraid to step foot in gyms,” explaining that people can’t be sure they’re not on social media without consent media are blown up.

@aliajess also contradicted the snarky comments, confirming that the person in the video was performing a perfectly legitimate strength training move, a drag curl.

Another fitness-loving TikTok user named Brad (@braddrss) explained that while Nikki is perfectly fine not being aware of the exercise, she doesn’t need to comment and shame the person.

The health coach apologizes online

After her viral video exploded for all the wrong reasons, @nikkii_fitness took to TikTok and Instagram to apologize.

Nikki Montesanti explained that “as a health coach and mental health advocate,” she understands that the content is irrelevant to her site and completely pointless to her role in the fitness community.

Thanking her viewers for the constructive criticism, the creator explained that she’s now inspired to make better choices:

“I’m here to apologize, I’m here to take responsibility, and I’m here to let you know that I promise that from now on, I will do nothing but please you in the future.” serve as you need to be served.”

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