Nigerian Senator Vows To Discover Instagram Blogger Over Alleged Defamatory Assertion

The Legislature representing the Lagos West Senate District, Solomon AdelolaHe has responded to an allegation made against him by an Instagram blogger identified as gistloversblog11.

The chairman of the Senate Treasury Committee threatened to find a gift lover whom he accused of tarnishing his image and reputation in a statement released on Friday.

The Instagram blogger had accused lawmakers of buying a home for a Jumoke Odetola with constituency funds.

Adeola said in a statement released by Kayode Odunaro: “The frivolous and unfounded claims about the ‘constituency fund’ and about a ‘Jumoke Odetola’ would have been completely ignored for the simple reason of the cowardly practice of coming from an infamous nameless and faceless entity.” for fixation on ulterior motive slander.

“However, this is the second year in a row that the same account engages in the troublesome and false narrative that proposes a paid agenda to destroy a hard-earned reputation and good family life executed with one of the handles at all costs.” must by ‘Gistloversblogs’.

“For the above reason of a paid commission and the unfortunate and reprehensible fact that some online media outlets are writing and publishing stories with assertive headlines from an unnamed and faceless source, Senator Adeola has decided to make the recordings available to his numerous fans, political supporters, correct and the general public.

“Otherwise, it is unwise to hire a cowardly, nameless and faceless destructive and negative entity that allegedly practices what is being hailed on social media as ‘citizen journalism.’

“For the record, the claims contained in said issue are completely false as there is no way Senator Adeola will be using a ‘constituency fund’ which does not come to him directly but is tied to projects undertaken by government agencies to build a home without an address to buy for a “Jumoke Odetola” or for anyone at all. As a good family man who loves his wife and children very much, the senator also firmly denies any connection in any form with a person named “Jumoke Odetola” or other such persons, as is now repeatedly only claimed by “Gistloversblog” an obvious destructive agenda.

“Looking ahead, Senator Adeola notes that to date he has been a leading defender of the positive aspects of social media use in the modern world and has opposed any legislative agenda in the Bundestag to regulate social media use, adding the activities of Gistloverblog and similar organizations, he is now seeking to pursue a legislative agenda in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to regulate the use of social media for destructive purposes by organizations like Gistloverblog.

“On a number of occasions in the Senate, I had opposed the legislative agenda to regulate social media use for its positive benefits. But following recent developments, I am now making it one of my legislative agendas in the current Senate session to pursue an agenda to regulate social media use against such abusive, faceless and nameless users as ‘gistloversblog’. The argument that some want to take legal action against any form of social media regulation no longer holds when you are dealing with “social media ghosts” such as “gist lovers blogs” who, with their unprofessionalism, are ruining the noble profession of Journalists do collateral damage masquerading as a form of journalism.”

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