New Zealanders have turn into extra aware shoppers. How are you adapting?

46% said they were buying more from local businesses (not just in their neighborhood but also goods made in New Zealand) and 77% said they had done so deliberately.

However, this support is not absolutely necessary. While NZ products are more popular, 59% of respondents said they would stop paying just because something is made here. Hence, it is still very important to show value and prices competitively.

While spending time at home and referrals played an important role in getting people to local businesses, advertising, online and offline, also played a role for 22% of people. GenZ and Millennials were the most influenced here, with 30% citing this as a factor for them.

However, there is still room for improvement – 38% of respondents said that SMEs should use social platforms to create greater awareness (particularly effective for GenZ / 25- to 34-year-olds, with 48% and 42% citing this, respectively).

There are a variety of simple tools that any business can access. 28% say they discovered products through social media advertising.

This surge in community spirit also provides an opportunity for larger businesses to renew their connections with kiwis and find better ways to show how they are helping local people and groups thrive. .

People are also looking for brands to show them what they are doing regarding CSR. More than 40% say brands should communicate this. But they also want advertisers to be realistic about what is happening – 37% of people want brands to represent the “new reality” of life in their advertising

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