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Roles, roles and more roles. Everyone’s talking about it on Instagram, and for good reason. As the algorithm gets people to create more Instagram reels, your content will reach more potential followers. Keep reading this blog post to discover 5 things you need to know about Instagram Reels sharing as a beginner.
In this blog post:

# 1 Start the role with a strong hook with text

First, you want your role to start with a strong hook. So often do people bury their trail or the hook of their contents. But you want to get people’s attention from the start.

You want to take the most captivating part of your post and clearly state what it is within the first few seconds of your Instagram reel. The hook on your Instagram reel is like the subject line of an email. Your hook gives people a reason to stop typing or scrolling and see what you have to say.

Better yet, you don’t have to think about a new hook every time you share an Instagram reel. Instead, if it’s the pain point your company promises to fix, you can use the same thing over and over again.

For example, check out this Instagram Reel from Ali Kay. As a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Ali uses her reels to inspire her followers to adopt healthier lifestyles.

In this reel, she shares her three biggest tips on how she lost 70 pounds. This is also a hook she uses throughout all of her Instagram content, including her Instagram bio.

# 2 Make sure people can read your text no matter what IG neighborhood they are in

Next, let’s talk about how to make your Instagram content accessible no matter what Instagram neighborhood people are exploring. We just focused on the importance of having a hook, but making your content readable is also important.

People can see Instagram Reels from a few different places on the Instagram app, including in full screen view or in a cropped square. When adding text to your Reels content, you want to make sure that it is visible in both perspectives.

No matter where people see your roles, if the text is bold and visible, make sure people stop while scrolling.

# 3 Don’t think about the content of your roles

Next, don’t think about your Instagram Reels content. Roles can be very creative, but they don’t have to be over the top. As long as you educate, entertain, or inspire your ideal followers and buyers, you’re doing it right.

Do you feel at a loss as to what to say? Just think about the last email you wrote or a frequently asked question from your followers. Then you can turn that nugget of information or inspiration into an Instagram reel.

You don’t have to think about production either. All you need is good lighting that you can find when you go outside or sit in front of a window.

look at that simple Instagram role which our CEO, Morgan Sutton, recently did.

Morgan is holding a Starbucks drink with text overlay that says the perfect Starbucks drink.

All she has is good lighting and the production is nothing special. All you need is a fun, engaging post that gets people talking.

# 4 Post any type of video content as a reel first

Now let’s talk about when you want to share an Instagram reel. As I mentioned earlier, the algorithm rewards people who share Instagram Reel content.

That’s why I recommend that you ask yourself if you have a video if it works as an Instagram reel. While there is a time and place for longer, more traditional video content, reels are key to expanding your audience right now.

# 5 tease your reels content in Instagram Stories

Finally, if you want to draw more attention to your Reels content, then tease them on your Instagram Stories. Even if you don’t have to give everything away, sharing your roles in this format ensures that they will be seen by an already captivated audience.

To share your reel in your Instagram story, tap the airplane icon and select “Share to Stories”.

I often share my Instagram reel with a sticker or gif over it. Then you can add a little text encouraging people to tap to find out more. For example, you could say something like, “My biggest Instagram mistake … watch so you don’t make the same mistake!”

With this eye-catching hook, people won’t be able to resist tapping your role to find out more.

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